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Want to learn the answers to the 2020 Arkansas DMV permit test?  We've been there!  Searching the Internet for hours at a time, browsing through hundreds of DMV permit test cheat sheets that vowed an easy pass on the drivers permit test.  "Pass the first time or your money back!", "real Arkansas driving test questions!", we've seen these claims oh so many times.  Sadly, most of these offers are either outright scam or they feature written test questions that were outdated 10 years ago.  This is how this free Arkansas DMV test cheat sheet came to be!

We are not going to lie to you, we won't offer you to download a free DMV test cheat to your cell phone and then peek all answers off the phone while taking the real driver's permit test at your local DMV office. We don't believe in cheating during the real permit test and we don't condone it.  A good DMV cheat sheet is nothing but a study tool, one of many you can use to prepare for the real permit test so you will not even have to cheat.  And the fact of life is that you have a much higher chance of passing the driving test by studying sample questions off the DMV cheat sheet at home than by trying to sneak a print out of the cheat sheet to your actual exam.  Doesn't take much time either.

This is the primary reason why we chose to build our cheat sheet as a massive Arkansas DMV practice test, a practice test with hundreds of sample test questions and useful study aids to make learning fast, easy and entertaining.  Forget about print outs, we have everything you need right here online!  A DMV practice test with multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs, with new random questions every time!  That's right, sample questions on this DMV driving pretest will change every time you begin the exam, they are picked randomly from a knowledge base that contains hundreds of drivers permit test questions!  (You would be well advised to keep your hands away from the refresh button as it will effectively restart the test for you and you will lose all of your current progress).  Questions on driving rules, sample road signs with great images, the effects of drugs and alcohol on your driving ability, questions on parking, signalling and communicating with other drivers - our DMV cheat sheet for Arkansas covers everything!  If the real test has questions on the topic, so does the DMV cheat sheet!

We would not be ourselves if we did not mention the drivers manual.  Yes, we know, most people want to steer clear of reading the DMV handbook, but there is no better permit test study guide in the world!  Don't get us wrong, taking online practice permit tests and studying with the help of this free Arkansas DMV permit test cheat sheet is awesome, but reading the permit test book will provide you with a complete overview of the state traffic law and will allow you to piece everything together!  The book is too lengthy, it is dull, yes, we agree with you!  Nevertheless, give it a quick browse through, even skimming through the book helps!

That's it, we are not taking up any more of your valuable time!  Keep working on the Arkansas permit test cheat sheet 2020 until you can score 90% every time you take the quiz, then switch to the permit test simulator!  Good luck at the DMV!