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Road signs - we cannot overstate how important it is to study road signs and to be prepared to answer all kinds of questions on traffic signs during the Arkansas permit test.  No, it won't be simple questions about the stop sign or the yield sign, you are required to go beyond that and our free Arkansas road signs practice test 2020 is here to help you with that!  Twenty random multiple choice questions on road signs every time you take the quiz!  Immediate feedback and helpful explanations for all permit test questions!  Don't waste any more time, start taking the exam right now!

Questions on road signs are considered to be the easiest type of permit test questions by quite a few applicants.  Some students believe that road signs is such an easy topic that they do not need to prepare for it, they spend all of their free time studying road rules without taking even five minutes to go over a single Arkansas road sign practice permit test.  Needless to say, more than one first time test taker paid for this mistake.  While the Arkansas drivers permit test has a relatively low number of questions on road signs when compared to other states, it does not mean that these questions are easy and common sense.  Learning how the stop sign looks is not enough.  During the permit test, you will be asked to identify road signs by shape and color, you need to know different groups of signs, be able to tell a warning sign from a regulatory sign and know the difference between the two.  Don't worry, though, as our 2020 road signs practice test will teach you all of these things!

This free Arkansas road sign practice quiz features 20 multiple choice questions every time.  Don't let the number fool you, questions will change every time you take the quiz, they are picked randomly from the knowledge base and the order of questions is rotated to keep you interested.  Every question has four possible answers, only one of them being correct.  Virtually every sample question is supplemented with an great image of a road sign in question, sometimes you will be asked to select the right road sign out of the options provided.  Just like any other Arkansas drivers permit practice test on the website, the quiz is interactive and you are being graded as you go through each and every question.  Correct answers are displayed immediately and you will not have to finish the whole quiz to see them!   

Now, we have disabled all study aids for this road signs practice test as that would make your job a little too easy!  If you need help with the quiz, you have the option of studying road signs on our website (you can even keep them all open in a different tab on your computer) or by reading the official drivers manual!  We recommend that you stick with the website though, since the permit test book does not have that great of a number of road signs listed.

We recommend that you keep working on the practice test until you can answer no less than 18 sample questions every time you take the quiz!  Won't settle for anything less than perfect?  Study until you nail each and every road sign on the Arkansas road signs practice test 2020 and brag about it in the comments!