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You have waited a long time for a practice permit test like this!  Hundreds of multiple choice questions for the Arkansas permit test!  Road rules, traffic signals and pavement markings!  Great images of road signs! Unlimited chances to pass!  Questions based on the current 2020 Arkansas driving book! All this in a single Arkansas drivers permit test Simulator 2020! There has never been a better way to prepare for your learners permit test and we are giving it away absolutely free of charge!  Spread the word!

Using the driving test simulator is extremely simple and you should not run into any issues while working on it.  Those who have already done a practice permit test or two on the website are quite familiar with the format, but let us give everyone else a quick overview of the exam.  This free Arkansas learners permit test simulator consists of multiple choice questions that cover a complete breadth of driving rules and road signs. 25 questions are selected randomly from the knowledge base every time you begin the quiz.  The knowledge base itself contains well over 500 different permit test questions and answers and we keep adding new ones on a regular basis.  This means you end up with a unique practice permit quiz every time you restart the exam.  Sorry, there is no way to repeat the quiz and get the same set of 25 questions once you complete the exam, this is the price you have to pay for using the simulator!  Don't worry, though, if you fancy a drivers permit test with 25 fixed questions, we got plenty of those too!  Simply switch to one of the regular practice quizzes you see alongside the simulator!

There is one feature that is shared among all practice exams on the website and that is their interactivity.  Immediate feedback!  We don't believe in waiting until the end of the exam to find out what questions you've missed, what's good about that?  Immediate feedback, this is the only way to go and this is why the Arkansas permit practice test simulator will show you the right answer for each and every question as soon as you make a decision and click on one of them!  Sure, you'll be able to review the whole quiz once again once you complete all 25 practice test questions, but you will see whether you answered a question correctly immediately!

If you got a particularly hard sample question and are frantically searching the screen for the study aids you might have gotten used to while working on other practice tests on the site, stop wasting your time.  The permit test simulator does not have any study aids and you will not get any assistance from us while working on the exam.  Why, you may ask?  The answer is very simple - this free Arkansas practice permit test simulator was designed to provide you will real-life experience, to submerge you into the atmosphere you can expect at the DMV when you turn up for the real learners permit test.  You will not receive any assistance from the DMV clerk and you won't be able to use any outside materials during the exam, we want you to get used to that idea right now!  If you cannot score high enough without using study aids or the Arkansas drivers permit test book, maybe you should do another regular practice permit test or two and come back once you are good and ready!  By the way, if you would like to study with the help of a driving practice test that follows the same format, yet still allows you to use study aids, simply switch to using our Arkansas DMV permit test cheat sheet!  That practice test is not even timed and it uses the same knowledge base the simulator does!

Without wasting any more of your time, we are leaving you one on one with this Arkansas permit practice test Simulator 2020!  Good luck at the DMV and let us know how your appointment went!