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Did you manage to earn a passing grade of 16 correct Virginia learners permit test answers or more on our DMV drug and alcohol practice test? Great job! You have obviously put some serious study time into the drug and alcohol awareness chapter of the VA permit test study guide. Passing our drug and alcohol practice test for Virginia drivers is a great sign, though it would be unwise to assume that you are ready to deal with any DUI question which arises on the permit test as a result. The fixed-question quiz you passed is accurate but only represents a small selection of drug and alcohol awareness topics. As you know, there is a great deal more information in the driver’s ed materials and dozens of questions linked to that material in the DMV database which supplies the assessment. Permit applicants will need to be able to answer any of these questions correctly, as there is no way to predict which content will be referenced on the randomized theory test. Fortunately for you, the VA permit test cheat sheet we have built can show you beyond any doubt if you’re ready for the drug and alcohol test questions on the driving exam.

It is incredibly unlikely that you will have previously encountered a Virginia permit practice test alcohol and drug quiz quite like this DMV cheat sheet for 2019. Ordinary online tests and VA driving test questions and answers PDF downloads can only skim the surface of the total information explored in the drug and alcohol awareness study material. Our DMV test practice cheat sheet is different because unlike regular quizzes, it can present you with a broad enough variety of questions to cover everything in the DUI guide. How can this be when there are only 20 VA DMV test questions and answers per round? The DMV cheat sheets not-so-secret weapon is the ePermitTest.com knowledge base, containing many hundreds of legitimate questions.

Our team have spent many hours sourcing information for the knowledge base to ensure it features questions on every aspect of every topic in the permit test study guide – including drug and alcohol awareness. When you start up the 2019 DMV practice test for VA applicants, a set of 20 drug and alcohol test questions will be randomly drawn from our database to assemble a unique quiz. This process will be repeated on each occasion that you use the cheat sheet, in time, making it possible to answer questions on every scrap of information in the study guide. Passing our fixed-question drug and alcohol test practice quiz is a positive indication that you can perform well during the real drug and alcohol test for Virginia drivers, but passing our rotating-question DMV written test cheat sheet four or five times is succession practically guarantees it.

Do not worry if your first round on the cheat sheet yields a poorer score than you were anticipating; keep working through it at regular intervals and your final grade will quickly improve. If any of the DMV practice test VA questions are difficult to understand or any of the answers too similar, try using one or both our built-in support features to simplify the problem and help you figure out the correct solution. We do not limit the use of these tools as while they do make the questions easier, they also offer some useful insights about the drug and alcohol awareness topics being dealt with, ultimately leaving you in a more knowledgeable position.