Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Did you know that the majority of first-time learners permit applicants choose not to study for the VA DMV permit test, attempting to wing it instead, and out of those who do study, almost no one dedicates any significant time to road signs?  A common belief is that questions on road signs are extremely easy, they cover the basics everyone knows and your valuable time is better spent elsewhere. Due to this misconception, some students end up going to the DMV written test without taking even a single Virginia DMV practice test.  Here is an eye opener: every DMV permit test in Virginia contains 10 questions on road signs and you need to answer EACH AND EVERY one of these questions correctly to pass. A single question on traffic signs that you miss will cost you the entire exam, the DMV could not send any clearer signals about the importance of road signs.  And it's not just easy questions on stop signs and yield signs, everyone knows that.  You will need to demonstrate some of the skills non-drivers are not familiar with, such as identifying road signs by shape, identifying road signs by color, differentiating between different groups of signs and prioritizing between them based on the group they belong to. These skills may be a bit silly now, while you are sitting in front of your computer screen or lying on the couch with an iPhone in your hand, but when you are driving on the highway when it's raining, these skills may well save your life!  Learn them now and learn them well if you want to become a safe driver and pass your VA DMV written test the first time you take it!

This VA DMV signs test was aimed primarily at those who have not studied road signs before, so we have selected the first 20 essential road signs for you to learn.  This VA practice permit test on road signs consist of multiple choice questions and all of the questions are supplemented with great images whenever appropriate.   Every sample question on the VA DMV practice test has four answers, but only one of those answers is correct.  Remember that the practice quiz is not timed and don't rush through the exam as it leads to unnecessary mistakes.  A common blooper on the VA permit test is to choose the first answer that seems right, without going through all of the provided options.  Avoid doing and take a moment to read through all of your options, remember that this Virginia DMV practice test is not timed and you have all the time in the world.  Sometimes a question will include two answers that seem very similar at first, yet only one of them is actually correct.  Not rushing to the end of the quiz is the best thing you can do to save yourself from making these mistakes.

Just like every other VA DMV practice permit test on the website, this free road signs test is graded as you go through the exam, you don't have to finish the entire test to find out what questions you have missed.   Whenever you make a mistake (and don't worry about those too much, they are a normal part of the learning process), the practice quiz will show you the right answer next to the one you have chosen and help you memorize it faster by providing more details about this road sign.  These explanations are based on the official Virginia DMV drivers manual, the manual you should be reading while working on these practice permit tests.  If you have not downloaded a copy of the guide yet, do so now, as it contains printable road sign study sheets you can post on your wall, so they are in front of your eyes at all times. 

This is not the only Virginia DMV signs practice test we have prepared for you!  Once you are happy with your grades, simply move on to the next free practice permit test you see on the site!  All of our practice quizzes are tailored to the 2019 DMV written test and are of great use to anyone who want to nail the drivers permit test on the first visit to the DMV!