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We know that traffic lights is probably not your biggest problem right now, with all those DMV permit test questions on blood alcohol level, speed limits and seat belts laws.  Nonetheless, traffic signals is still an important part of the learners permit test and you are bound to encounter at least a few questions on them at the DMV!  We want you to be prepared and have all your bases covered, so here is another free Utah practice permit test with 2019 DMV test questions on traffic signals!  Takes less than 10 minutes to complete!

The main reason why most students choose not to study traffic signals is because they seem to simple and because we are exposed to them from a very early age, so we consider ourselves to possess quite an expertise on the subject.  While it  is partially true, you have to remember that traffic lights that direct traffic flow are a little different from pedestrian lights and, as a driver, you will be required to make decisions much faster than if you were just walking on a sidewalk.  This is why the DMV chose to include quite a few questions on traffic signals into the 2019 Utah permit test and let us tell you, some of those questions are far from being basic.  For example, do you know what you, as a driver, have to do when you reach an intersection where the traffic light isn't working?   Our free Utah state practice permit test teaches you that!  Do you know what to do when traffic signals are in conflict with directions given to you by a police officer?  Our 2019 practice permit test teaches you that too!  It teaches you that and many other things about traffic lights you thought you knew so well!

For those who have already taken a practice permit test or two on the website, the format of the test is self explanatory.  Twenty multiple choice questions, four possible answers in each question, only one answer is correct.  Now, here is what's different - unlike regular Utah practice permit tests, our practice quiz on traffic signals does not have a fixed set of questions.  Instead, questions are selected randomly from a large knowledge base every time you begin the test!  This means that every time you take the traffic lights practice quiz, you end up with a unique exam! Oh, sure, you will see some DMV questions repeated once in a while as you keep retaking the practice test time after time, but the exam itself will always be unique!

How much time should you invest into working on this free Utah practice permit test?   This really depends on you.  Your target grade is 90% every time you take the exam.  When you can hit it twice in a row, you are good to move on to the next learners permit practice test.  If you score around 80% every time, it is in your best interest to work on the practice test a bit more.  Can't get above 70%?  We recommend that you pick up a copy of the Utah drivers handbook and check out pages 22 and 23.  Grant you, the DMV in Utah does a very poor job of explaining traffic signals to students, but we'll take anything we can get!

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