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Those with the highest ethical standards - calm down!  We are not offering you to cheat on your Utah learners permit test!  In fact, we advise against even trying to do a number on the DMV and sneaking a DMV cheat sheet right into the office during your permit test appointment. Our Utah DMV cheat sheet for the 2020 permit test is a study tool, just like any other practice permit test on the website, to help you prepare for the drivers permit test and absolutely nail it on your first visit! Give it a shot right now!

You would be amazed if you knew how much time is invested into trying to cheat the DMV by some first time test takers.  They would spend hour after hour browsing hundreds of different websites that offer them to download a Utah DMV permit test cheat sheet to their smartphone or to print it out, looking for the ones they deem best.  Some even pay money to websites that promise them unlimited access to Utah DMV test questions and answers.  We honestly cannot tell why, since the chances of slipping a real DMV cheat sheet past the clerks are close to nil and it's a complete waste of money and resources that could be put towards preparing for the learners permit test in the first place.

We understand that these people are primarily driven by the desire to save time, since they believe that preparing for the drivers permit test takes too long and it is an extremely boring and dull endeavor.  They could not be further from the truth.  Studying for the Utah permit test can be fast, exciting and fun, provided you choose the right tools for the job.  Our free Utah DMV cheat sheet is the tool that satisfies all of the above criteria and it will help you get your game straight regardless of your current level of preparation. 

If you have taken a few learner's permit practice tests on the website, you might have already noticed that this 2020 DMV permit test cheat sheet bares striking resemblance to those quizzes.  That's because our cheat sheet IS a massive online Utah DMV practice test, with all of the best features you might have gotten used to while working on other practice tests!  Multiple choice questions with awesome images, permit test questions that cover a great variety of driving rules and immediate feedback that provides for the best learning experience possible.  There is one striking difference, though.  Unlike regular drivers permit practice tests you might have gotten used to, this free DMV cheat sheet for Utah does not use a preset bunch of question that you take over and over again. Whenever you begin the exam, the DMV cheat sheet accesses a knowledge base with hundreds of learners permit test questions, selects twenty five questions from that knowledge base and creates a unique practice permit test just for you!  With over 500 sample knowledge test questions in the database, there is no way you can get tired of doing the same questions over and over again!

How is this different from the free Utah learners permit test simulator you spied alongside this exam?  After all, both of these practice quizzes utilize the same format as the real DMV exam, they access the same knowledge base and they choose random permit test questions to custom-build your practice test.  The difference hides in the help section.  The permit test simulator was designed to resemble the real DMV exam to the smallest detail and it will not provide you with any assistance while you are being tested (remember, the permit test is not an open book exam).  This free DMV permit test cheat sheet is much more relaxed and you can request help whenever you have troubles answering a questions.  These study aids, or "cheats", as we call them, are available throughout the whole exam, don't be shy about using them!

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