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We have to grant the Utah DMV this - they don't go overboard when it comes to permit test questions on road signs.  Seriously, some states will dedicate HALF of all learner's permit test questions to road signs.  Still, traffic signs is an important part of the 2020 Utah permit test and we have the tools that will allow you prepare for the exam in no time at all! Learn every important road sign with our free Utah road signs practice permit test 2020! Take the quiz even if you believe that you know everything there is to know about signs and see if you are right!

Now why do so many people choose not to study road signs when they are preparing for the Utah learners permit test?  We believe that the reason is simple - most students overestimate their level of familiarity with road signs and expect for those permit test questions to be common knowledge.  Well, they are not, there wouldn't be any point in testing drivers license applicants if road rules were about common knowledge.  The DMV will expect you to identify road signs by color and by shape, know the difference between advanced warning signs and guide signs and be able to recognize them while traveling along the highway at considerable speed, in the dark or while it is raining.  That is why proficiency in telling these signs apart just by their shape is so crucial, you can tell which road signs are important and which ones aren't just by stealing a quick glimpse at them.  Don't worry, though, as our 2020 Utah road signs practice permit test will teach you this essential skill, among many other things!

True to the standard, our free Utah practice permit test on road signs features 20 multiple choice questions.  No, it does not mean that 20 questions is all you get, this is just the number of questions you see when you take the test once.  These interactive online practice tests are generated on the spot and all permit test questions on road signs are chosen randomly from our huge knowledge base.   To you, it means that you will be taking a unique new permit practice quiz every time you reload the page!  That's right, a new practice test every time, so be sure to do the exam at least twice even if you do awesome the first time around!

What do you do if you see that your grade is far from perfect, what other materials could you study to perfect your score on this Utah state practice permit test 2020?  Our detailed section on Utah road signs is your first choice, you don't even have to leave the website to learn every road sign you need for your permit exam.  We have put together a comprehensive list of signs, with awesome images and great descriptions, make sure to check it out! Then there is an official drivers handbook, of course.  Chapter 4 (that's pages 20-22) will provide you with a list of some traffic signs.  The image quality is far from perfect, but you will get an idea of what the DMV expects of you!

Enjoy the quiz and let us know if you think that we missed some signs, we will be glad to work with you on improving this Utah road signs practice test!  Good luck at the DMV!