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There is no worse idea than starting your first learners permit study session with a practice permit test that contains hundreds of different Utah DMV test questions and answers.  Seriously, there isn't.  And that is exactly why we have prepared a simple free Utah learners permit practice test 2020 for beginners to kick start your engine and get you cracking away at those permit test questions!  If you are still seating in your chair reading this sentence - stop right now and start taking the practice test, it only takes 5 minutes to complete!

The number of sample questions on learners permit practice tests is like an obsession for most first-time drivers permit applicants.  The reasoning behind this obsession is quite simple: the more questions I do now, the easier the real Utah permit test will be, right?  Wrong!  Well, not entirely wrong, there is some truth to that and going through a large number of learner's permit test questions may have a benefit, provided you already have a base to build upon.  Taking such a vast learner permit practice test will serve well someone who has already read the 2020 Utah drivers handbook, or someone who has taken a large number of smaller practice quizzes.  Learn to walk before you run, you might have already grown sick of this phrase, but it fits perfectly in most areas of life, including preparation for the driver's permit exam.  What can you expect to happen when you begin with an online learners permit practice test that contains a hundred of different questions?  For starters, you probably won't be able to answer half of them.  But that's all right, may be your train of thought, since I am going to remember these permit test questions and answers and will not miss a single question next time.  That's where you're wrong again.  An average student is simply not able to memorize such a large amount of information instantaneously and you are bound to miss most of these questions when you repeat the quiz again.   That's why you should always start with a smaller learner's permit practice test, build a foundation and then work your way up to practice permit quizzes that are more complex and elaborate.

Our free learners permit practice test for Utah was designed with the above factors in mind.  It consists of 20 relatively simple questions on road rules and road signs that will allow you to start learning the traffic law without feeling utterly overwhelmed.  All sample questions are multiple choice, each question has four possible answers and only one of the answers if correct.  The practice test is graded on the fly and you see whether you answered a question correctly immediately after making your choice.  The correct answer will be displayed alongside the one you have chosen and we will also provide a detailed justification for the whole sample question.  These explanations are based on the official Utah drivers handbook and provide incredible value, make sure you you don't skimp on reading them!  Once you are done with the whole DMV learners permit practice test, you will be presented with your overall score and you will get a chance to review all of the questions you have missed. We recommend that you keep working on the practice test until you can answer no less than 18 sample knowledge test questions correctly before moving on to the next practice permit test. 

While we have already mentioned the book once or twice, we want to stop and talk about it a bit more.  We know that most of the permit applicants choose in favor of free Utah learners permit practice tests over reading the manual and we understand why that happens, the DMV drivers handbook is far from being exciting.  Definitely not a Harry Potter book, not even close.  However, reading the manual is an important part of the learning process and it can raise the effectiveness of these 2020 learners permit practice tests by an order of magnitude.  That is absolutely huge and you should not discount the benefits the book can bring you!  Even skimming through those booklet pages before you go to sleep will still do a world of good, so don't rob yourself of this advantage!

Enjoy this free Utah learners permit practice test 2020 and good luck on your DMV exam!  Comment and let everyone else know how this practice quiz helped you obtain your learners permit!