Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Ignoring road signs while studying for the Utah permit test and not taking a single DMV practice test on signs is an easy mistake to make, since we all have this common misconception that we already know everything there is to know about signs and that permit test questions on road signs are "common knowledge".  It's easy to see where this belief came from - road signs are all around us and we learn to use them from a very early age.  Does that automatically make us all into experts on signs?  Not exactly, as we find out to our dismay during the permit test.  The DMV treats traffic signs as one of the most important subjects on the 2020 drivers permit test and most of the exam questions will require you to demonstrate high proficiency in the field.  This means being able to identify road signs by their shape, telling the signs apart by their colors, being able to place traffic signs into different groups and prioritize between them.  If you don't know how to do these things, don't stress - learning them does not take much time and this Utah DMV practice test contains sample questions that will help you do just that! Dive right in and don't waste any time on people who tell you that road signs don't matter!

Your free Utah DMV permit practice test is built around 20 questions that will help you get started on learning the signs for the drivers permit exam.    Most of the questions are illustrated by awesome images, but don't get disappointed when you encounter a question that doesn't have one - those are important too and they recreate real DMV written test questions that require you to identify road signs based on their textual description.  Every question provides you with four choices, yet only one of them is correct.  Try not rush through the exam, as this DMV practice test is not timed and allows you to work through every answer before choosing the best one.  This applies to taking the real permit test as well - doing the exam in a hurry will not lead to anything good, you are bound to make a large number of silly mistakes that can easily be avoided otherwise, and with only 25 questions on the exam, mistakes cost you too much!

When it comes to learning something new, especially if you need to do it fast, feedback is of paramount importance, we don't believe in sample quizzes that make you finish the entire test before displaying your answers.  This 2020 Utah DMV practice test on road signs helps you keep track of your progress at all times and shows you how well you're doing at any point of the exam.  All sample questions are graded as you answer them and you see your mistakes the moment they take place.  Whenever you happen to answers a question incorrectly, the DMV practice test alerts you to this mistake by highlighting your answer in red and providing you with the correct answer to the question, along with a detailed explanation for that question.  These explanations are based on the official Utah drivers handbook, the very same book the real permit test is based on, and they help you memorize the answers faster! 

Those who have taken regular Utah practice permit tests on the website before landing on this exam know that we usually recommend that you continue working on a sample test until you are able to answer 90% of all questions correctly. This is true for most of the exams you see online, however we want you to change the approach while working on this free Utah road signs DMV practice permit test 2020 online and not leave this page until you nail each and every question!  The importance of road signs and the number of points they contribute to your permit test score are so great that you really want to maximize your chances of answering as many of road sign questions on the exam as possible!  Don't worry, it only takes a few extra moments to achieve that, yet the payout is really amazing!