Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Here it is, your final challenge!  Please accept a pat on the back from us if you have completed every single learners permit practice test on the website with a score of 90% or higher before you got here.  Of course, we cannot stop you from taking this practice test even if you have not completed all other exams yet, but we do recommend that you follow the order these tests were arranged in to get the most out of them.  Here it is, the ultimate practice quiz for the drivers permit exam, our free Utah practice permit test Simulator 2020!

The practice permit test simulator was designed to mimic the real Utah DMV permit test as close as possible.  Just like the real permit test, it features 25 multiple choice questions that are highly similar (and sometimes identical) to the real exam.  Just like during the real test, you are being tested on a great variety of road signs and driving rules, you can expect to see questions on traffic penalties, drug and alcohol awareness, speed limits, parking on hills, fire hydrants, sharing the road with motorcycles and emergency vehicles, using your headlights and defensive driving.  Finally, just like with the real drivers permit test, you will need to answer no less than 20 of these sample questions correctly to pass.  Of course, it is our recommendation that you keep working on the permit test simulator until your score is at least as high as 90%, you are really walking the borderline with an 80% grade, one question can throw you over the edge and have you fail the permit test miserably. 

If you have gotten used to the help of the study aids while working on other online Utah learners permit practice tests, it is time to forget about them.  The permit test is definitely not an open-book exam, you will not be allowed to peek any answers in the drivers handbook, a DMV cheat sheet you might have downloaded to your cell phone and the clerks will not help you answer any questions either.  It is just you against the permit test, time to get used to that idea.  If you happen to find that you miss way too many questions on this knowledge test and would like to practice with the help of study aids, simply switch to using the DMV cheat sheet, it is structured just like the Simulator but will grant you access to additional study resources!

Some students get confused about the number of questions on this free Utah permit test practice Simulator, so let us clarify this right now.   While the Simulator only displays 25 questions, this is not the same set of questions every time.  The pool of knowledge test questions that is used to chart up this practice test consists of well over 500 entries today and we keep adding new DMV permit test questions and answers every month.  Every time you being the exam, the Simulator randomly chooses 25 different practice questions and builds a unique practice test for you right there on the spot!  It is just like having hundreds of different learners permit practice tests for Utah at your disposal, all collected at a single page!  Passing the permit test has never been easier, all you need is a little time and dedication!