Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Time is your greatest resource and unfortunately, most of us don't have much of it nowadays.  Life is getting more and more fast-paced with every year and fitting lengthy DMV permit test study sessions into your schedule can be quite problematic.  This free SC road signs DMV practice test was designed with a busy schedule in mind and you can complete it in just under 5 minutes!  Anyone can do five minutes and you don't even have to sit in front of the computer for that long!  Take the DMV practice test with you wherever you go!  Just sign into the exam from your iPhone or an iPad whenever you have a moment to spare and complete the exam.  On the way to school, during your lunch break, even while you're sitting in front of the TV, watching your favorite late-night show - the practice permit test is just one click away!  It may not seem like much, but over time, these 5-minute study sessions will add up to a great result and you will pass the South Carolina permit test without a hitch!  We recommend that you begin working on these 2019 DMV permit practice tests at least two weeks before your DMV appointment, this will give you plenty of time to learn everything you need without having to cram the night before the test!

This SC DMV practice test is built around 20 multiple choice questions on South Carolina road signs you are likely to encounter on your DMV written test.  Most of the questions will have a great image to help you learn the sign faster, some will only provide a textual description of a sign.  This is not a mistake - many of the SC DMV permit test questions will require you to demonstrate proficiency with recognizing traffic signs by their textual description, shape or color and those questions will not have any visuals to help you.  Learning to recognize the signs by their shape and color is a relatively easy skill to learn, yet too many students ignore it for its apparent simplicity.  Don't make this mistake, the skill is considered to be of utmost importance by the DMV and every permit test exam paper has at least one or two questions that will ask you to demonstrate that you know your sign shapes.  We have made sure to include questions like that into this online South Carolina road signs practice test, but if you are looking for more information on the subject, be sure to check out the official South Carolina drivers manual, the book that is distributed by the DMV absolutely free of charge.  The handbook's got a great chapter on state road signs and you could even use some pages from the book as printable road sings study sheets!  Post the study sheets on the wall next to the computer screen and keep on referring to them while you are working on this free SC DMV practice permit test!

We usually recommend that you continue working on an SC practice permit test until you score 90% on it, but we believe that you should do your best to learn as many traffic signs as possible, so please don't stop working on the pretest until you can answer every question correctly.  It is all right to use integrated study aids during your first run, but try and complete the 2019 SC road signs practice test without having to call upon study aids or peeking any answers in the drivers manual at least once before you move on to the next sample exam.

Enjoy this free South Carolina road signs DMV practice test (SC) 2019 and don't forget to check out other great exams on the website, such as the SC permit test cheat sheet and the DMV test Simulator, they contain over 500 sample questions on traffic signs and road rules that will help you gauge your current skill level!  Good luck at the DMV!