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Let's make one thing clear right from the start - a DMV cheat sheet is not a cheating tool, it's a study aid to help you learn the rules of the road faster and pass the permit test the first time you take it.  If you think that the easiest way to pass the drivers permit test is to download a free South Carolina DMV permit test cheat sheet to your cell phone and simply peek all answers off your phone while at the DMV - think again!  The chances of pulling this off successfully - close to none.  The consequences of being caught cheating on the permit test - catastrophic.  Do the smart thing and spend a little time learning the rules!

We honestly believe that preparing for the DMV permit test takes significantly less time than devising plans on how to cheat the DMV (not to say that it's safer too).  All it takes is the right approach and the right study tools, fortunately, we have both!  There are two things you will need to prepare for the SC permit test 2020 - a copy of the drivers manual and a set of free DMV permit practice tests and the most common error among first time applicants is using only one of them.  Some people choose to study the South Carolina DMV test book and they spend hours upon hours on trying to memorize every single page.  Others go through hundreds of different SC practice permit tests, yet never open the handbook.  Both of these groups make the same mistake of failing to combine these study resources and that's where the real power is!  The book provides a great overview of all driving rules and road signs, yet it does not tell you what subjects you should concentrate on and what will you be tested on during the real DMV exam.  An SC DMV permit practice test grants you a great opportunity to work on real SC permit test questions and answers, yet they do not give you an outline of all driving rules and it may be hard to stick everything together.  This is why you have to use both of these DMV test study aids: read the DMV manual and then follow up with a free South Carolina DMV practice permit test to identify any rules you may have missed and pinpoint your weak spots! 

This is what this online SC DMV cheat sheet for the 2020 permit test was designed for, to help you identify the driving rules you may not have learned yet and to help you learn them as quickly as possible.  This cheat sheet is really a free South Carolina DMV permit practice test that follows the same format the real exam does and has a number of in-built study aids (we prefer to call them "cheats") to make things a bit more fun.  The DMV practice test presents you with 30 multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs every time.  Don't let the number fool you, these 30 questions are selected randomly from our huge knowledge base, effectively creating a unique practice exam every time you refresh the page.  It's like having hundreds of different DMV permit practice tests at a single page, you will never grow tired of it!

Hundreds of SC DMV test questions, images of road signs and traffic signals, all those things are great.  But what makes our South Carolina DMV permit test cheat sheet 2020 absolutely awesome is the study aids that are integrated into the test!  Forget about picking a random answer every time you stumble upon a hard question, those days are behind you!  Whenever there's a question you cannot answer, click on one of the help buttons located below the test!  The HINT button will give you more details about the question, while the 50/50 button will remove two incorrect answers from the screen!  Try them, they are fun! 

Those who prefer a real-life practice test without any study aids, we got you covered too!  Switch to using the South Carolina permit test simulator and you will get access to the same wealth of permit test questions without any cheats! 

Remember, repetition is the key!  Keep working on this online SC DMV permit test cheat sheet 2020 as much as possible and good luck at the DMV office!