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Repetition, repetition, repetition... Seriously, this is all it takes to pass the South Carolina permit test in 2019.  You just keep taking practice tests over and over again until you learn every single question there is, then visit your local DMV office and slaughter that permit test!  Our online South Carolina permit practice test (SC) 2019 will help you, with another twenty great permit test questions on road signs and road rules!  It only takes 5 minutes to complete, there are absolutely no excuses to not taking it now!

This free permit practice test shares its format with the first SC practice permit test (and if you have not completed it yet, do so now, come back to this practice quiz until you score no less than 90% on the first exam). Twenty multiple choice questions to cover a great scope of driving rules and road signs.  The effects of drugs and alcohol on your driving ability, seat belt laws, speed limits, traffic lights, driving distractions, cell phones and pavement markings - it's all there.  The rule is simple:  if the real permit test covers the topic, so does this South Carolina permit practice test!  The interactive quiz is graded on the fly: as soon as you pick an answer, the exam will show you whether you made the right choice!  Don't worry if you miss a question or two, no biggie!  Our SC permit practice test will immediately show you the right answer, along with a detailed clarification to help you memorize it the first time!  This kind of immediate feedback provides for the best learning experience possible and will see you cracking even the hardest SC permit test questions in no time at all!

Wondering how much time should you spend on this free permit practice test SC quiz?  This really depends on you, but for most students, attaining a grade of 90% is quite sufficient.  This means answering at least 18 questions correctly every time you take the exam.  It won't take you long, since this is a practice quiz with "fixed" questions, it will always present you with the same twenty questions every time you take it!  Sure, the order of questions will change, just to keep things interesting, but they will still be the same twenty questions on road rules and road signs!  By the bye, overachievers are welcome to try and nail all 20 questions before moving on to the next permit practice test.

We couldn't leave the topic without mentioning the drivers manual at least once.  Yes, we know, you hate the manual, the manual is boring, the manual is confusing, the manual is too large.  We know all that and have heard it from almost every person who have taken practice permit tests.  However, there is one undeniable fact - the manual has value and there is a good reason why some people choose to call it the South Carolina permit test book.  The entire drivers permit test is based on the information in the manual.  This SC permit practice test is based on the information in the manual.  There is really no better permit test study guide than the manual.  So do yourself a favor and read it, even if you just skim the book, it is bound to give you a great advantage during your visit to the DMV!

Enough chitchat, we don't want to waste any more of your valuable time with this talk!  Get right on with this 2019 free permit practice test for SC and good luck at the DMV!  Let us know how the real test went!