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We know how hard it is to start studying for the drivers permit test - the amount of information you need to absorb is just so overwhelming that you keep putting it off and off, until you realize that your DMV exam is tomorrow and you don't have any choice other than do an all-nighter and cram the night away - a decision that rarely leads to something good.  We want to give you a jump start so you can start preparing for the exam as early as possible, so we have included only easy questions into this practice permit test SC sample quiz!  An easy beginner's permit practice test to help you make the first step and get the ball rolling.  However, even though this sample exam primarily targets novice drivers, those who have already had a chance to take a sample exam or two should not shy away from taking this quiz either!  When it comes to studying for the South Carolina learners permit test, you really want to cover as many questions as possible before you find yourself in front of the computer at your local DMV office, so go ahead and take the sample quiz anyway!  If you see yourself doing well the first time you take the exam (and by doing well we mean answering no less than 18 of these SC DMV test question correctly without using any study aids), simply proceed up the line to the next practice permit test you see on the screen!

This free SC practice permit test contains 20 multiple choice questions that span the entire range of the state traffic laws and road signs.  Every question provides you with four answers, yet only one of them is correct.  Staying focused and attentive throughout the entire practice permit test is extremely important - some of the questions on the quiz contain two or more answers that may seem similar at first and picking the correct answer will require your full attention.  These questions ended up in our SC learners permit practice test by no accident - the real DMV written test is full of questions like that and we want you to get accustomed to analyzing your way through the exam.  Don't rush with picking the first option that seems right, take your time to read through all of the provided South Carolina permit test answers and choose the one that fits best.  Remember that this South Carolina practice permit test is not timed and you have all the time in the world, especially if you start early!  We recommend that you begin studying for the SC permit test at least two weeks in advance, this will give you plenty of time to cover all necessary driving rules and road signs, run a few self-assessment exams and revisit whatever chapters of the 2019 South Carolina DMV permit book you find to be most complicated.

Immediate feedback to all of your actions is extremely important when you want to learn something fast and you want to learn something well.  All of our drivers permit pretests, including this permit practice test SC sample quiz, are built around this idea and all of the exams are graded as you go through the test.  Forget about sample quizzes that make you finish the entire test before showing you the questions you have missed - those are the tool of the 20th century.  We live in 2019 and there are better learning opportunities available today!  This online SC practice permit test will alert you to any mistake you make the instant it takes place and display the correct answer so you can learn right there in the moment!  But that's not all, it gets even better!  The learners permit practice test will display a detailed explanation for every driving rule you don't know, so you don't have to spend hours prowling the SC drivers manual for answers, helping you save even more time, so you can invest it into what really matters - learning South Carolina road signs and traffic rules for the written knowledge test!  Stay in the moment and continue working on the free DMV practice permit test until you can answer at least 18 questions correctly every time you take the exam!

Play around with this free South Carolina practice permit test (SC) 2019 and don't forget to have a go at other sample quizzes we have prepared for you!