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The SC permit test is probably one of the most misrepresented exams you will ever have to take.  It is surrounded by hundreds of different myths, no one seems to know what the test is about and people usually go in completely unprepared for what they are about to face at the DMV office, without taking a moment to read the drivers manual or completing a single SC DMV practice test.  You may think that we are exaggerating and being dramatic right now, and maybe we are, but consider this fact for just a moment - more than half of drivers license applicants to take the DMV written test fail the exam the first time around.  More than a half! If our schools had failure rates close to the ones we see at the DMV, the entire school system would be up for a complete overhaul, yet no one is doing anything about the DMV permit test!  Lack of publicly available information about the written permit test leads to formation of a completely inaccurate notion that all of the SC DMV permit test questions and answers are common knowledge and no preparation for the test is needed, so long as you know where the steering wheel in the car is located.  The moment they find themselves in front of the computer at the DMV office, they realize the mistake, but you do not have to wait until then!  Start studying for the permit test as early as possible, start now with this free South Carolina DMV permit practice test!

Structured very similar to other practice permit tests on the website, this DMV online practice test is built around 20 multiple choice questions that cover all of the subjects considered to be important for the permit test (although, in our opinion, there are no such things as important and unimportant driving rules, things that impact your safety are always of the utmost importance).  Highway driving, dealing with traffic congestion, parking on hills, defensive driving techniques, traffic signals and pavement markings - this SC DMV practice test covers all of these subjects.  Oh, and road signs - how could we forget about questions on SC road signs with awesome images we have prepared for you?  The DMV practice test targets both beginners and those who have already done their share of sample quizzes - you can always find something new for yourself, no matter how many practice tests you have completed before.  The exam is graded as you go through sample questions and you are aware of your current progress at all times.  Should you happen to miss one of the questions, our DMV permit practice test SC sample quiz will alert you to your mistake immediately and provide you with the correct answer to the question, along with a detailed explanation for that answer.  While you may be tempted to save time by disregarding these notes and proceeding to the next question without pause, we recommend that you pace yourself and take the time to work on the questions you miss.  Reading the provided explanations while you're taking this 2019 DMV permit practice test will help you memorize the answers faster, which in turn will reduce the number of times you have to retake the quiz in order to achieve satisfactory results.

Wondering what passes up for acceptable results on this free SC DMV permit practice test?  While you're free to choose whatever approach works best for you, we suggest that you don't stop working on the quiz until you are able to score 90% or higher on the practice test, without having to use any study aids in the process.  This grade is somewhat higher than you are required to get at the DMV to be awarded with a learners permit (you must answer 24 questions correctly out of 30 total at the DMV, this amounts to the score of 80%), but you really don't want to be cutting it that close with the practice test.  Build yourself a safety cushion you can lean against, get your grades well below the passing minimum and reduce the amount of stress you will experience at the DMV.  An extra moment you will spend on working on this South Carolina DMV practice permit test may mean the difference between passing and failing at the office!

If you are looking for some extra study materials to supplement this free South Carolina DMV permit practice test (SC) 2019, be sure to check out the official drivers manual!  The entire DMV exam is built around the book, it's got all South Carolina permit test answers and, while it is not the most exciting book in the world, it provides immense value to anyone who wants to pass the DMV test the first time they take it! Good luck at the office!