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Burning the midnight oil the night before your South Carolina permit test appointment is not the best idea of all, even though it seems to be a popular choice among drivers license applicants who are taking the exam for the first time in their lives.  Does it work?  Statistics clearly tell us that it doesn't - more than a half of all students who take the DMV written test fail it on their first visit to the DMV.  This includes those who did take more time to prepare, which means that the numbers for late-bloomers are even worse.  There are a few reasons for this procrastination (some of them contradict each other), and all of them are within your control.  When South Carolina DMV permit applicants are asked why they have chosen to visit the drivers license office without taking a single free DMV practice test SC quiz or have been putting it off until it was too late to do anything, the most common answers are "I thought the permit test was going to be common knowledge", "I did not have time to study" and "There was just so much new stuff to learn, I never got around to getting started".  While the apparent simplicity of the SC DMV permit test is a misconception you will just need to ignore, the other two rationales are valid concerns.  Lack of time is a bane of modern fast-paced life and we know that people tend to shy away from tasks that see to be too.  Fortunately, this 2020 SC DMV permit practice test was designed to address both of these problems and it's the solution that kills two birds with one stone!

Absence of free time is not something you can fight easily.  You can optimize your schedule, learn to be even more efficient, but all these measures have their limits.  Besides, you want to have some free time for yourself too and spending another hour in front of the computer, studying hundreds of SC DMV test questions and answers after a busy day at school is definitely not something you would be looking forward to.  We believe that you can prepare for your SC permit test without having to spend hours in front of the computer and we have built this express DMV permit practice test that can be completed in just under 5 minutes!  Five minutes of your time - this is all it takes!  This low time commitment means that you can do the DMV practice test whenever you have a moment to spare, without having to schedule a lengthy study session!  Practice these sample SC permit test questions while riding a bus to school, eating lunch with friends or even as you waiting in that DMV line!  Take the DMV practice test with you on your iPhone wherever you go!

If you are one of those students who have troubles getting started on studying because they know how incredibly large the complete set of the state driving rules really is - this is the DMV permit practice test for you!  We know that getting started is the hardest thing of all, but it becomes much easier if you take it in baby steps!   We have chosen to include only 20 questions into this sample SC DMV practice permit test so you won't feel overwhelmed.  Anyone can do twenty easy questions and once you get started, you will notice that doing another exam after this one doesn't seem that bad.   Baby steps, one after another, just continue taking these quick South Carolina DMV permit test quizzes and by the time you get to the DMV office, there won't be a driving rule you haven't covered! 

If you've got any questions about this free South Carolina DMV permit practice test (SC) 2020 (or any other practice permit test on the website, for that matter), we urge you to contact us right away!  Use comments on this page or send us an e-mail, we are here to help and will be glad to answer any of the questions you may have!