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Want to prepare for the permit test and don't know where to start?  Start with this free South Carolina practice permit test 2020 that is guaranteed to get you closer to obtaining that learners permit you've been thinking about!  It really does not matter what your current level of preparation is and whether you read the book or not - our SC permit practice test is a universal tool that will help you learn the rules of the road and road signs, leaving that permit test absolutely no chance! And since it only takes five minutes to complete it, go ahead and take the practice test right now!

There is one question that bugs almost every student who just started preparing for the test: if the real SC permit test consists of 30 questions, how come this practice test has only 20?  Why not give us a practice permit test that is exactly like the real test?  The answer is very simple - we believe in small steps!  Taking the first step is always the hardest thing, getting into studying driving rules, traffic laws, road signs... For someone who is completely new to the subject, having to answer a large number of complex question is an extremely overwhelming ordeal.   In fact, a considerable number of students who receive poor grades on the first practice test they take quit preparing for the test, as they are completely discouraged by the experience.  This is why we do not believe in beginning the journey with an SC practice permit test that contains hundreds of different questions and have built this easy practice permit quiz for beginners to slowly ease you into the world of driving rules.  Don't worry, you can take the practice exam even if you don't consider yourself to be a beginner, just take it once and if you can score over 90% the first time you take it, simply move on to the next permit practice test in line! 

This free practice permit test for SC comprises 20 multiple choice questions.  Every question provides you with four answers, only one of them being correct.  The online test is interactive and you will be graded as you go through the practice exam, you do not have to wait until the end of the quiz to find out if you missed anything.  As soon as you pick an answer, the practice test will show you whether you are right or wrong and highlight the right answer for you whenever you miss a question!  But that's not all!  For every SC permit test question you miss, the practice exam will display a detailed rationale, explaining the topic in detail and helping you memorize the answer much quicker!  Do not dismiss these explanations as they provide unbelievable learning experience and save you hours of time on reading the drivers manual!

Speaking of the drivers manual - if you have not read the book yet, go ahead and do so now!  There is a good reason why the manual is frequently referred to as the South Carolina permit test book - the whole DMV exam is based on the information provided in the manual!  There is not a single SC learners permit test question you can't answer with the help of the booklet!  So do yourself a favor and read it, at least once, even if it's just a quick browse through, it will still help greatly!

For those who still cannot find the strength to read the manual, we have prepared a number of study aids to carry you through the exam.  Some of the 2020 practice permit test SC questions will be new to you and we don't want you to pick answers randomly, where's the fun in that?  Instead, use study aids whenever you find yourself stuck!  Clicking the HINT button will bring up more information about the question. Sure, it won't give the answer away, but it's not supposed to!  Hints were designed to point you in the right direction, without disclosing the actual answer.  If seeing the hint didn't help, you can call upon the 50/50 button, it will hide two incorrect answers from the screen and leave you with a simple 50/50 choice!  Use these study aids whenever you need a little push!

Keep working on this SC practice permit test 2020 until you can score no less than 90% every time you take the quiz, then move on to the next practice test in line!  Remember, passing the permit test doesn't have to be hard, all it takes is a little time and the right study tools!  We have given you the tools and there is nothing to stop you from nailing the permit test the first time you take it!  Good luck at the DMV!