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What do you do when a traffic light is not working?  Do you stop for a flashing red light?  How do you treat oncoming traffic if you see a yellow arrow pointing in the direction you intend to take?  Your PA permit test may have any of these questions and you better be up to the task of answering them.  Fortunately, this is exactly what our 2019 Pennsylvania practice permit test on traffic signals was designed for - to help you nail that permit test at the DOT on your first visit and never have to go to the PennDOT again (unless it's to pick up your drivers license)! 

This permit practice test PA quiz is a topical test that concentrates on traffic lights, emergency signals and railroad crossing lights.  It has 20 questions and you need to give at least 17 correct answers if you want to count yourself among those to passed.  All of the permit test questions are multiple choice and clearly display the right answer as soon as you make your selection, making sure you get instant feedback and helping you learn quicker.  Once you're done with the entire practice test, the system will give you yet another chance to review your answers, see what questions you have failed and provide you with detailed explanations for those questions.  Don't dismiss that step - it is of utmost importance and will save you a lot of time on retaking the practice permit test later down the line. 

Absolutely all questions are state-specific and reflect traffic regulations of the Keystone State, so you can be sure you're learning exactly what you need to know to nail the PennDOT test the first time you take it! All of these PennDOT permit test questions are based on the official 2019 PA drivers manual, the same book the real permit test is based upon, so you really cannot go wrong here.  In fact, we urge everyone who has not read the permit test book yet to download a copy of the manual and cover it at least once before continuing with the test!  The drivers manual provides you with a lot of background information that will help you understand the rules much better!

Here comes the best part - just like all other practice permit tests on our website, this Pennsylvania practice permit test on traffic signals is completely free! You read that correctly - free to take, as many times as you need, we will never ask you for any money in return!  All we ask is that you do great on your Pennsylvania permit test and share this practice test with as many people as possible so other students get their chance too!  Spread the exam through Facebook and Twitter!