Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Quick fact #1: more than half of all students who file an application for a PA learners permit fail the knowledge exam the first time they take it.  Quick fact #2: most of these students chose not to study for the exam, believing that the PA permit test is all about common sense, general knowledge and easy questions on traffic signs.  Quick fact #3: you can easily avoid this fate, all it takes is a little time invested into the right study tools, such as this online PA drivers permit practice test! And when we say that it takes "a little" time, we truly mean it - completing the practice quiz once takes under 5 minutes!  We made it small and simple so you can take the exam no matter where you are - on the way to school, on the bus home, at your lunch break - even as you're sitting in the DMV line!  Whenever you have 5 minutes to spare - just pull out your smartphone and take the PA drivers license practice test!

The drivers permit practice test consists of twenty multiple choice questions on road signs and road rules.  The multiple choice question format was chosen for a reason - this is what the real PennDOT permit test is like and you want to keep it as close to the real thing as possible.  Every sample question on the practice exam presents you with three or four answers, only one of the answers is correct.  We know that some of the Pennsylvania permit test questions make it hard to decide between two options that just seem so similar... When you encounter a question like that, go for the choice that offers the most thorough and detailed answer to the question.  Another common mistake we see among students who are in the rush and are taking this permit practice test PA quiz on the run is choosing the first option that seems right, without reading through all of the other answers first.  It's understandable: you are strapped for time and want to get through the drivers permit practice test as quickly as possible, however we recommend that you get into the habit of reading through all of the provided options before clicking on one of them. 

While it is totally fine to use this free Pennsylvania drivers permit practice test to gauge your current skill level, it was primarily designed as a study tool and as such, it provides you with feedback throughout the whole exam.  The practice permit test won't make you wait until the end of the exam to show you what questions you have missed - whenever you make a mistake, the quiz will immediately alert you to the fact, display the right answer next to the one you have chosen and provide you with a detailed explanation for that answer.  These explanations are based on the official PA driver's manual, the book the real PennDOT exam is based upon, and they can save you hours on research (having said that, we still recommend that you read the drivers handbook before you visit the office and take the exam).  Once you're done with all 20 sample permit test questions, you will see your overall score and have yet another opportunity to review the questions you have missed.  Keep working on the PA drivers permit practice test until you can answer 18 questions correctly every time, without having to use any study aids, then move on to the next quiz!

If you believe we have missed something, don't hesitate to comment above and we'll make sure to include it into this free Pennsylvania driver's permit practice test (PA) 2018 with the next update!  Good luck at your local PennDOT office!