Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Don't believe in miracles?  That's a shame, because that's what this free PennDOT permit test cheat sheet is - a miracle that will get you through the learners permit test without as much as breaking a sweat!  You've got questions - we have answers!  Answers to the 2018 Pennsylvania permit test, all put together in a form of a convenient permit practice test that you can take absolutely free of charge over and over again until there is virtually no question on signs and rules you cannot answer!

For those who really think of cheating on the real Pennsylvania permit test - think again.  We have heard stories of people trying to download a PennDOT cheat sheet to a cell phone and then trying to glimpse answers off the screen while taking the real test.  The outcome?  In most cases, a failed permit test and a ban from the DMV location for quite a while.  Trust our word - no DMV cheat sheet will get you through the test unless you are willing to dedicate a little time to preparing for the exam.  Looking for an up-to-date downloadable free PennDOT cheat sheet will take just as much (if not more) time as learning all the basic rules of the road and traffic signs!

You might have already noticed that our DMV cheat sheet 2018 looks suspiciously like a Pennsylvania permit practice test.  You are correct, but this is not just any practice quiz. In fact, if you were to compare this online PennDOT cheat sheet to anything, compare it to the PA permit test simulator you see right next to it!  Just like the simulator, the DMV cheat sheet follows the same format the real test does, with 18 multiple choice questions on rules and signs (remember, you have no answer to less than 15 of those permit test questions correctly to pass!).  The learner's permit test cheat contains hundreds of questions, they are chosen randomly whenever you take the exam and just like with the Simulator, you are taking a new practice permit test every time!

The difference between the Simulator and the DMV Cheat Sheet is that while the Simulator does not offer you any study aids, the PennDOT cheat sheet is loaded with them!  Not only do we allow you to use them and "cheat" whenever you are working on this practice test, we encourage it every step of the way!  

There are two ways you can cheat the system, both of them located under the "HELP ME" section.  The "50/50" button removes half of incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with a simple choice of choosing the correct answer from the two remaining options.  The "HINT" button provides more information about the question and helps you navigate to the right answer quicker.  We recommend that you always use hints first and resort to the 50/50 option only when you are at a complete loss.

In addition to using these study aids, we would like you to keep a copy of the Pennsylvania drivers manual open whenever you are working on this practice permit test.  Don't tell us you haven't read the book yet and you don't have it!  Download it and go through the book at least once!  Keep it by your hand whenever you are taking PA practice permit tests online.  ALWAYS research all permit test questions you miss in the book, this will help you commit them to the memory much faster, plus you are bound to pick up a lot of additional info while searching the book for those answers! And don't listen to those who claim that the book is not required to passing the PennDOT test - for every one of those who pass the exam without reading the book there is twenty people who failed miserably! Want to nail the permit test the first time?  Then grab the copy of the book and start working on this free Pennsylvania DMV cheat!