Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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We don't want you to start feeling overwhelmed as soon as you start studying and this is exactly why we are not making you start with a hundred-question practice quiz.  Start small - grow big, and we'll get you started with this minute PA permit practice test that contains just 20 questions and can be completed within 5 minutes!  This makes the practice quiz especially useful for those who don't have much time - such low time commitment means that you can do the practice quiz without having to set aside separate "study sessions".  Take the permit practice test on the bus to school, during your lunch break, take it on your smartphone just before you go to bed - whenever you have a few minutes to spare, you can invest the time towards preparing for the PennDOT exam!

All of the sample permit test questions on this free PA learners permit practice test are multiple choice, with three or four answers provided for every question.  Out of the provided options, only one of the answers is correct.  Don't rush with choosing the first answer you see that just seems to fit and read through all of the provided options before making your choice.  One of the common "tricks" used by the Pennsylvania DMV and recreated by the permit practice test is to outfit a question with couple of answers that seem to be very similar at first glance.  If you charge through the exam, trying to get to the last question as quickly as possible, you are likely to miss the details and answer most of these questions incorrectly.  A word of advice - don't try to beat the clock while you are working on this Pennsylvania permit practice test or when you are taking the real exam - you've got plenty of time to think and analyze each and every question.  Slow and steady wins the race - while it is completely untrue about any kind of racing, it sure fits the permit test perfectly!

While some of you may choose to take this permit practice test PA quiz to gauge your current skill level, its primary goal is learning and there is no learning without feedback!  The online practice quiz provides with instant feedback for your actions: it is graded on the fly, you find out whether you have answered a question correctly as soon as you pick one of the options and you can always see what the right answer is, even if you happen to make a mistake!  It gets even better!  For those questions that you miss, not only will the PA permit practice test display the correct answer, it will also show you a detailed explanation for that answer, helping you learn even faster!  We know that some of you will be tempted to skip these explanations to complete the practice quiz quicker - try and resist this temptation as much as possible!  Spending an extra moment to scan through a few lines of text now will translate into hours of time saved later down the road, the time you will have to spend on retaking the practice exam over and over again!  

By the way, do not worry about writing down PennDOT permit test questions you miss as you go through the practice quiz, you will get a chance to review them again once you complete the entire exam.  The results page of this PennDOT permit practice test will also contain your overall score, the score you should use to decide whether you need to repeat the quiz again or if it is time for you to move on to the next practice test (if you are trying to see whether you are ready for the real thing, we strongly recommend that you use our PA permit test Simulator instead of the regular practice quiz).  How do you know which route is right for you?  There is really no "one size fits all" solution here, but a rule of thumb is this - 90% or higher (that's at least 18 correct answers) - upgrade to the next practice test in line.  Anything below that - keep practicing until your grades rise to the desired level. 

Those looking for a permit test study guide should turn their gaze towards the official Pennsylvania drivers manual.  The book really has everything you need to learn for the PennDOT exam and it supplements this online PA permit practice test quite nicely!  Get the book off the DMV website absolutely free of charge, you can download it to your smartphone, print it out or read it online, whatever suits your fancy!

Enjoy this free Pennsylvania permit practice test (PA) 2018 and don't forget to share it among friends who may be taking the exam soon!  Good luck at the office!