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A second practice permit test for PA we are excited to share with you!  We took all of the tremendous features of the first permit practice test, created more great permit test questions with study aids and ended up with a completely new Pennsylvania practice permit test 2018 that will take you one step closer to securing that learners permit! No need to be afraid of the visit to the local PennDOT office - with our practice quizzes, you will nail the PennDOT test the first time you take it!

While the PA drivers permit test is among the smallest DMV exams in the whole country, with only 18 questions against 40-50 questions for other states, it still requires you to take some preparations before you hit a local office.  Having less questions on the test also means having less chances for an error.  Remember, you have to answer at least 15 of these Pennsylvania permit test questions correctly in order to pass.  Four mistakes will see you fail miserably, that's why it is so important to study the rules with the help of the right tools, such as this free PA practice permit  test!

You might have heard stories about people passing the knowledge quiz without as much as opening the drivers handbook.  We won't deny this, it is possible to pass the exam without reading the drivers manual.  However, the fact that it's possible doesn't mean that it happens that often.  For one person who passes the PennDOT permit test without studying, there will be twenty people who failed the test the first time they took it! There's simply no denying of how important it is to invest a little time into the reading the booklet and using other tools available to you right now!  

Today, you don't have to limit yourself to reading the boring book, there are just so many other options you could choose!  Even on this single website, you will find that apart from this online Pennsylvania practice permit test, we have PennDOT cheat sheets, the PA permit test simulator, other practice permit tests that cover specific topics of the manual.  There is really no excuse to not studying while being surrounded with these excellent opportunities!

This particular Pennsylvania practice permit test (PA) contains twenty multiple choice questions that cover a large variety of road rules and road signs.  Permit test questions on defensive driving, drug and alcohol awareness, using the equipment, parking, turning and signalling - if the real exam covers the topic, so does our permit practice test.  The test is graded on the go and you don't have to finish the whole quiz to find out if you missed anything.   While the order of questions may change every time you take the practice quiz, the questions themselves will remain essentially the same.  Use this feature and practice this PA permit test until you can score 90% or higher each and every time you take the exam!

You might have noticed that we have built some study aids into the system to help you learn quicker!  Combine these study aids with researching all questions with the help of the PennDOT manual and you will be able to nail the real exam in no time at all!  Enjoy this free Pennsylvania practice permit test and let us know how your DMV visit went!