Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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No such thing as being overly prepared for the Oregon permit test.  Seriously, there isn't!  We know that there are people who second-guess themselves and end up missing a few questions due to this "overthinking" problem, but when you plot the number of these students on the overall chart of permit test failures - you can't even find them, the number is so small!  Most of the drivers license applicants who fail the exam either don't do any studying at all, or limit their preparation efforts to taking couple of sample quizzes once or twice and quitting as soon as they see that they're getting good at answering those couple of questions.  Don't make the same mistake!  There are over 200 Oregon DMV test questions that are being cycled through various exam papers and if you want to do well, you better cover as many of them as you possible can!  This means taking virtually every 2020 Oregon driving practice test you can lay your hands upon, including this exam!

This Oregon drivers license practice test is formatted the same way as other regular practice quizzes on the website and contains 20 multiple choice questions on topics covered by the real exam - everything from seat belt laws and alcohol regulations to traffic signals and road signs.  The exam is well balanced and doesn't favor any particular topic, we don't believe that some topics are more important than others, all of the subjects are equally crucial for becoming a safe and confident driver (despite a common misconception, you are not learning the rules to pass the permit test, you are learning them to be able to operate your vehicle safely!).  To help you learn as quickly as possible, the driver knowledge test provides you with instant feedback throughout the entire exam - you know whether you have answered a question correctly immediately after indicating your choice.  Furthermore, if you happen to make a mistake, the system will always show you the right answer, along with a detailed explanation for that answer, so you can learn on the go!  These explanations are based on the official Oregon drivers manual and do a great job of saving you time on having to research the topic in the permit book.  Be sure not to skimp on them as the only person you end up cheating is yourself!

Once you get through all twenty knowledge test questions, your final score will help you determine the best course of action.  If you are able to answer 18 or more question correctly without having to use any study aids in the process, this makes you eligible for upgrading to the next Oregon drivers permit practice test you see on the list.  Anything less than 18 correct answers - repeat the practice permit test again until your grades improve! A word of advice to those who did not score quite as high as they had hoped - don't beat yourself up over any mistakes you make at this point.  This is a learning exercise, mistakes are a normal part of the learning process.  No one's perfect, but you WILL pass your learners permit test if you continue studying, there is simply no IFs here, just a question of WHEN!

Need a little extra help?  Download your free copy of the 2020 Oregon DMV permit test study guide, the book you may know as the drivers manual.  The DMV makes it no secret that the entire knowledge test is based on the information in that book and nothing else, the fact that makes the book perfect for anyone who wants a complete overview of the rules that will appear on the drivers permit test.  Combine reading of the book with this Oregon drivers practice test and you've got yourself an unbeatable weapon the DMV won't be able o match!

Remember, this free Oregon drivers permit practice test 2020 is just one of many quizzes we have prepared for you, be sure to check them all out before you head off to the drivers license office and always finish with the DMV knowledge test Simulator!  Good luck!