Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Want to download a free DMV cheat sheet for the 2020 Oregon knowledge test?  We've got something better for you!  A DMV practice test with hundreds of sample questions on road rules and road signs, tailored to the real learners permit test!  No need to waste hours on looking for a pdf cheat sheet you can slip past the clerks at the DMV - preparing for the drivers permit test only takes 10-15 minutes a day!  Start your training today with our interactive Oregon DMV practice test cheat sheet!

Some students believe that the knowledge test is just too hard, preparing for it takes hours of studying every day and there is still no guarantee that you'll pass.  So they start looking for "other solutions" that frequently involve purchasing a DMV cheat sheet that promises to have all of the answers to the permit test.  There are a few issues with this approach (and we are not even mentioning the ethical side of the story):

  1. Locating a knowledge test cheat sheet that is up to date.  Some cheat sheets are just print outs of written exams taken by other students a while ago.  Questions on the learners permit test may have changed since
  2. Obtaining the right DMV cheat sheet.  The DMV permit test in Oregon uses a number of different test papers, there is no guarantee that questions on the cheat sheet you purchased will match the ones you will receive on the real test
  3. Using the knowledge test cheat sheet during the test.  Don't think for a moment that the clerks will just cover their eyes and let you copy the answers to the DMV permit test off your cell phone or a print out.

What happens if you get caught cheating on the written test?  You are failed and you are likely to be banned from obtaining a drivers license for quite a while.  Is cheating really worth it, especially if you consider the fact that preparing for the Oregon knowledge test in 2020 doesn't take that much longer than finding the right cheat sheet?

Our free Oregon DMV cheat sheet is really more like a DMV practice test with hundreds of sample permit test questions that will prepare you for the real exam in the matter of hours.   The practice test consists of multiple choice and true or false questions.  Every time you begin this drivers permit practice test,  35 questions are randomly selected from the knowledge base that contains hundreds of permit test questions, and a unique DMV cheat sheet is created for you.  With such a large number of questions in the knowledge base, you end up with a completely unique practice permit test every time, so you will never get bored of taking the same questions over and over again!

What makes the Oregon DMV knowledge test cheat sheet different from the permit test simulator that follows the same format and uses the same knowledge base of questions?  It's the study aids that are integrated into the practice quiz!  The simulator mimics the real test to every smallest detail and it won't offer any assistance, no matter how hard the question may seem.  The knowledge exam cheat sheet is different.  Whenever you are stuck on a question, you can request for and receive immediate assistance!  Clicking on the HINT button will provide you with more details about the question, gently guiding you to the right answer.  Clicking on the 50/50 button will have a much more profound and visible effect, it will remove two incorrect answers from the quiz question, making it so much easier to pick the right answer.  You can use the study aids, or "DMV cheats", for each and every question!  Go ahead, try it now!

How much time do you need to study the Oregon permit test cheat sheet to pass the real exam?  It really, really depend on the person and your current skill level, but we find that practicing for 10-15 minutes a day does the trick for most students.  Keep working on the cheat sheet until your grade is 90% of higher every time you take the quiz.  If you find this 2020 knowledge test cheat sheet a bit too hard, simply switch to one of the regular Oregon practice permit tests we have on the website.  Good luck!