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You might be not aware of this, but more than 50% of students who take the Oregon permit test fail the exam the first time around.  Come to think of it, they fail the knowledge test long before the actual visit to the local DMV office, they fail the permit test when they fail to prepare for it.  Procrastination is one of the biggest issues for drivers license applicants.  Student keep on setting the drivers manual aside, thinking that they've got plenty of time before the test, until the night before, when they cram, sometimes all night long, to cover as many different road signs and traffic rules as they can before heading off to the office.  Statistics tell us that this approach doesn't really, yet people follow this approach again and again and again.  The reasons for procrastination are simple: some of us believe that the test is too easy and doesn't require much studying, others see the test as too overwhelming and have troubles getting started, someone else may use their lack of time as an excuse.  Our free DMV practice tests will help you deal with procrastination, no matter the reason, and get you in good shape for your Oregon DMV knowledge test so you can get your drivers license in 2020! 

Absence of free time is quite understandable - life is getting faster by the day and having to fit another tedious study session into your already-busy schedule can be a nightmare.  We are here to tell you that you don't have to!  This free Oregon DMV practice test was designed specifically for people who cannot spend hours in front of the computer screen and need a solution that would allow them to prepare for the permit test on the go!  Completing this DMV Oregon practice test once takes under 5 minutes of your time!  That's right, just under 5 minutes!  This means you can do the test while catching a ride to school, during your lunch break, even as you are sitting in front of the TV, waiting for the next episode of your favorite show to start!  No need to adjust your schedule to accommodate knowledge practice tests, simply take the exam whenever you have a moment to spare and you will see these small sessions add up to a huge success!

The feeling of being overwhelmed is quite common among those who are just setting off on the road towards a learners permit - the number of driving rules and road signs you need to study really seems to be too massive of a task.  We can help with that too!  We have broken everything you need to learn for the test into convenient small 20-question quizzes you can take on the run, and this 2020 Oregon DMV practice knowledge test is a great example of this approach.  While there are only 20 DMV knowledge test questions on the exam, they cover a very broad range of traffic rules and road signs, the quiz is really as comprehensive and balanced as a 20-question exam can be!  Learning these small batches of questions ensures that you proceed gradually and take it step by step every day, without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

If you don't believe that you need to study for your DMV permit test, we've got just the thing for you!  Check out the Oregon DMV knowledge test Simulator, a self-assessment tool that is extremely similar to the real exam you will be taking at your local DMV office.  If you are able to score 90% or higher on the Simulator consistently - we take our hats off to you, this is a great result and we believe that you'll do just as great on the real test.  However, if it's anything below that grade - it's back to this Oregon DMV practice test, back to working on these sample questions and learning the things you need to know to pass the exam.  The truth is simple: most of us tend to greatly overestimate our skills when it comes to driving, we see ourselves as driving gurus while in reality, only a few of us ever went beyond the basics.  Don't let this delusion stop you from passing the permit test the fist time around, prepare for the exam!

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