Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Finally you are here!  By now, you should have covered all other practice permit tests we have prepared for you and scored no less than 90% on each one of them.  If you have not done so yet, we urge you to go do so right now and return to the Ohio temps test simulator once you are better prepared, as practice temps tests on the site were designed to be progressively harder and more complex, you start with the easy ones and slowly work your way up to the ultimate challenge - the Ohio Practice Temps Test Simulator 2019!

The temps test simulator is structured in a manner very similar to other practice tests on the site, it consists of multiple choice questions, each question having four possible answers!  You may be wondering what make the BMV permit test simulator different from other practice quizzes?  For starters, the temps test simulator has a larger number of questions!  The simulator presents you with 40 questions (just like the real exam at the BMV) and it changes questions every time you take the quiz!  Questions are chosen randomly from our large knowledge base, so it will be like taking a new Ohio learner's permit practice test every time! 

You might have gotten used to the study aids provided in other temps permit practice tests.  You better forget them, as you won't get any help with the simulator from us!  BMV clerks won't help you with the test, you won't get any hints, you won't be able to keep the temps booklet open while you are doing the test and we are trying to recreate that experience for you!  If you still want to use study aids during the test, head over to the Ohio BMV test cheat sheet, it's structured just like the permit test simulator, but allows you to utilize those study aids.

If you have not read the drivers handbook before you started using this free Ohio practice temps test simulator, you should really consider doing so before proceeding any further.  We are aware of the fact that some people pass the temps test without as much as opening the book, but we strongly advise against taking up this approach.  The book is really your bible when it comes to learning the rules of the road, road signs and everything else you need to know to pass the temps test the first time.  Practice temps tests are great, but they work best when you combine them with reading the manual.  So grab the book, skim through at least once, then come back and nail this Ohio temps practice test simulator!

Remember that the practice permit test simulator is completely free, you don't have to register and you should really make the most of it!  Don't settle for taking the practice test once, even if you are satisfied with the grade you got!  Questions will change next time you take the quiz and you want to be sure you got everything covered before you show up at your local BMV office!  So buckle down and start wearing the brains out of this Ohio temps test simulator!