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Those of you who frequent the BMV website (we know, that number is close to 0, what person in the right state of mind would frequent the BMV website, right?) and read monthly DMV newsletters (seriously?) might know an interesting fact about the BMV temps test.  Well, we find it interesting, you will probably find it useful.  How many people do you think fail the Ohio temps test on their first visit?  Is it ten percent?  Twenty?   Thirty?  Unfortunately, it's even worse than that.  More than a half of first time visitors fail the written exam!  If you are at the BMV office right now, look around you.  Half of these people will go home empty-handed and will have to come back another day to be retested.  This seems even more amazing when you consider the fact that all of the tools you need to pass the BMV permit test the first time are completely free, they are available to anyone with a connection to the internet (oh, those "non-geeks" who don't use the web have an option to get free print outs too)!  You can prepare for the Ohio permit test without having to pay a single dime AND you have to pay for retaking the BMV exam if you fail it more than three times, you would think that is a sufficient stimulus for people, but no - thousands of people go into local BMV office completely unprepared for the experience!  Fortunately, you are not one of them, are you have already gotten yourself one of the best tools to prepare for the exam - a free Ohio BMV practice test!

The practice quiz is structured very similarly to other regular practice tests on the website (and if you have not taken those yet, we recommend that you start with the first exam and work your way up through all of them).  Every time you access this page, you will be presented with 20 multiple choice questions on Ohio road signs and road rules.  Questions are presented one by one, as opposed to dumping all twenty of them into you, and the next question does not appear until you answer the one on the screen.  This Ohio BMV practice permit test is not timed, so you can take as long as you need to figure out the right answer, the test won't go anywhere as long as you don't refresh the page or close it.  The BMV exam is graded on the fly and you see whether you have answered the question correctly immediately after indicating your choice.  Don't worry about missing a question or two (or three or five, for that matter), this free temps practice test can be retaken as many times as you need, until you are fully satisfied with your grade.  There is a way to get there faster, though.  Note how every time you miss a question, the Ohio BMV practice test rolls out more details about it.  Make sure you read these justifications, they are very useful and will help you remember things better, so you won't fall into the cycle of committing the same error over and over again. Once you are done with the Ohio practice temps test, you will see your overall grade and get one more chance to review the questions you have missed. 

Want a complete overview of all driving rules that will be on the Ohio permit test or a road sign study sheet?  Just pick up a copy of the Ohio BMV temps book!  Serious, you won't be able to find a better temps test study guide than the book and it compliments this online Ohio BMV practice test 2019 awesomely!  Just keep the booklet by your side as you are working on these written knowledge test questions and keep referring to the manual whenever you find yourself stuck!  This approach takes less time than reading and trying to memorize the whole book, but it is just as efficient! 

Good luck on your permit test and let us know how you liked this free Ohio BMV temps practice test by commenting on the page and liking it on Facebook!  Thanks!