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That's right, what we have for you here is more sample questions & answers for the Ohio temps test!  We are sure you loved the first practice permit test, this practice quiz is just as good!  Another 20 multiple choice questions on Ohio road signs & traffic rules, with all of the great features you came to love!  Just like the first practice quiz, this Ohio practice permit test is graded on the fly, with correct answers being displayed  each and every time!  Instant feedback and helpful explanations for hard permit test questions - of course we kept these things and you will have a lot of fun playing with them!  We have also integrated additional study aids for you to play with, let's stop on these for a second!

When you are taking a regular Ohio practice permit test and encounter a temps test question you can't answer, you don't really have any options apart from picking the answer randomly and hoping for the best.  Is there any learning value in this?  Highly unlikely!  This is why we decided to go another way!  Whenever you hit a question you cannot answer, you have a choice of requesting assistance through the integrated study aids, such as the 50/50 button and hints.  Hints are awesome - they provide you with more information on the permit test question and direct you towards the right answer.  We know, some of the hints on this free Ohio practice permit test are not as direct as you would like them to be, but they have been designed to be this way on purpose.  We want you to start thinking all of the hard questions through, trying to deduce the answer (which is, by the way, possible for three quarters of all real temps test questions).  Cramming is fine and dandy when it comes to learning the numbers, such as the blood alcohol content (BAC) limit, speed limits, etc, but when it comes to such things as the right-of-way rules - well, let's just say that KNOWING the right-of-way rules without UNDERSTANDING them is completely useless as you won't be able to apply them in real life-situations.  So yes, we believe in thinking, reasoning and deducing the right answer, the task our hints will help you with!

Another study aid you can use while taking this online practice permit test for Ohio is the 50/50 button.  This one is more of a mass-destruction weapon and should be your last resort.  Clicking on the button will erase half of incorrect Ohio temps test answers off the screen, leaving you to decide between the remaining two option (mind you, if the question provided you with three different answers, the 50/50 button will only remove one of the incorrect answers).  Once again - your last resort, don't abuse this one!

Finally, we got to the last study aid that will help you nail the Ohio permit test the first time you take it - the official Ohio temps book.  That's right, it's the book you have probably tried avoiding at all costs, that's what most students do.  What can we say - it's a shame people don't value what they don't pay for.  Some drivers license applicants are prepared to throw hundreds of dollars away on expensive drivers education classes, instead of using the free resources, such as this Ohio practice permit test or the drivers manual, while in reality, this is all they need to pass the knowledge test the first time, guaranteed!  Did you know that the entire BMV permit test is based exclusively on the information you can find in the manual?  That's right, there isn't a temps test question you can't answer with the help of the book (same goes for the Ohio permit practice test you are taking right now - based on the same book!), so why not spend an hour on reading it?  Even if you just skim the booklet, it will still do you a world of good!  

Enjoy your free Ohio practice permit test 2019 and don't forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter!  Spread the love!