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There is one thing we want to make clear from the start - a DMV cheat sheet is not a magic potion from a Harry Potter movie and it is not a replacement for learning road rules and traffic signs.  Some students believe that all you need is to download an Ohio BMV temps test cheat sheet and the temporary license is as good as in your pocket.  Well, it does not work that way!  A BMV cheat sheet is just another study resource, one of many you should use to ensure that you pass the permit test the first time you take it!

You want to know what questions will be on the permit test.  That's quite understandable, it does seem as if you can simply memorize answers to a bunch of questions and then simply mark them off on the temps test paper.  However, there are a few problems with this approach.  First, you have to keep in mind that the BMV does not use a single test paper and there is no guarantee that you will get the same quiz as your friend did last week or that questions on the test will be the ones you learned from the Ohio BMV cheat sheet you purchased online.  Another issue is that the BMV changes permit test questions quite frequently.  Who can vouch that the temps test cheat sheet you got is up to the standards of the 2019 Ohio permit test?  Fortunately, there is a better way to prepare for the test!

Practice permit tests is a proven way to learn driving rules and that is exactly what our Ohio BMV cheat sheet is - a temps practice test with a number of study aids to help you learn everything you need to pass the exam at the BMV!  Of course, we strongly recommend that you start by reading the Ohio drivers manual, the book the real test is based upon, and then continue on to taking these practice tests, but that's just the way we like doing things.

This Ohio BMV cheat sheet 2019 contains 40 multiple choice questions that cover a great range of topics: everything from defensive driving, to speed limits, alcohol laws, fines and tickets to sharing the road with motorcycles, parking, road signs and pavement markings.  The practice test is structured the same way the real test does, in fact, it's very, very similar to the Ohio permit test simulator we offer online.  There is one minor, but crucial difference, though.  The temps test simulator was designed to emulate the real test and it won't offer any assistance during the exam.  On the contrary, this free Ohio BMV practice temps test cheat sheet is here to help you learn and it places a number of study aids at your disposal.  Whenever you cannot answer a question, you can choose between having the cheat sheet display you a small hint, which is an additional snippet of helpful information, or to have half of incorrect answers removed from the screen altogether, leaving you with a simple 50/50 choice!  Use either tool whenever you are stuck or use both of them simultaneously, your choice!

Once you've gained some experience, proceed to the next level, try to beat our permit test simulator!