Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Flew through the first Ohio temps practice test and are ready for more? Here it is, another free practice permit test for Ohio to take you one step closer to your temporary license!  We took all great features from our first temps practice quiz, added new questions and awesome images and this practice exam was born! By the way, if you have not taken the first quiz - go ahead and do so now, make sure you can score at least 90% on the first temps quiz before you start working on this practice permit test. 

We want to keep things fresh and up to date and our 2019 Ohio practice permit test is based on the latest version of the drivers handbook, the book you really ought to go over at least once before you attempt any more of these practice quizzes.  We know that reading the temps book is not the most exciting thing in the world and it is somewhat overwhelming, having to go over hundreds of pages and trying to memorize all those rules.  Don't worry about remembering everything the first time you read it, not many people can do that and that is where practice tests come in.  Once you read the booklet, keep it nearby as you work on this Ohio temporary permit practice test.  Whenever you encounter a question you have troubles with, open the book and research the answer.  You can do the same thing whenever you answer a question and the answer is different from what you thought it would be.  This is a great exercise that helps you pinpoint all troublesome driving rules and having to search for the right answer really helps you to commit those rules into your memory.  By the time you are done with these practice permit tests, there won't be a rule in that manual you don't know!

Just like the first temps practice test, this drivers permit practice test contains twenty multiple choice questions that cover a wide scope of road rules and traffic signs.  You will encounter questions on defensive driving, signalling, drug and alcohol awareness, sharing the road with others, road signs, pavement markings and many other things.  All of the questions on this online Ohio practice permit test have four answers.  Remember, only one of those answers is correct.  If you can't choose which answer is true, your first step is to search the temps book.  Come on, don't be lazy.  Of course, you can also use our study aids and have the system show you more information about the question or remove two incorrect answers from the screen (that is for cheaters!  If you believe that there is nothing wrong with a little cheating, make sure to check out the BMV cheat sheet we have prepared for you).

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while working on practice permit tests is to quit as soon as you score 75%, the passing score for the real temps test in Ohio.  Sure, you "passed", but that's barely a pass, there is just one incorrect answer separating you from complete failure.  Do you know how frustrating it is to fail the permit test by a single question?  Believe us, it happens much more often than we would like.  So we urge you not to stop when you reach this "passing score" and keep working on the test until your grade is 90% or higher EVERY TIME you take this Ohio practice permit test 2019.  Trust us, you'll thank us later, when you will walk out of that BMV office with a permit after your first visit!