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If you want to drive a school bus in Jersey City, Trenton, Atlantic City or any other part of the state, you will need to take an additional DMV written test for New Jersey school bus endorsement. Getting this S endorsement add-on for your main commercial drivers license proves to prospective employers that you have a sound understanding of safety procedures, rules and regulations relevant to school bus operation. One of the best ways to ensure you have learned everything necessary to pass the endorsement test, is to factor a quiz with real NJ drivers license test questions into your learning plan. On this page, you will find the perfect New Jersey school bus practice test 2020 quiz for this task!
The rules and regulations associated with school bus operation are quite different from state to state, so choosing a school bus CDL practice test specifically for New Jersey applicants is essential. You are in safe hands here on ePermitTest.com, as the quiz we offer has been built using genuine NJ drivers license test questions and answers, in accordance with the state’s official CDL permit test study guide. All the content you will encounter when using our New Jersey DMV CDL practice test is guaranteed to be accurate, up-to-date and relevant to the permit test you will take. Be wary of other online NJ CDL school bus test quizzes – particularly those you must pay to use – as there are many school bus practice tests out there that are not as well-researched as their makers would have you believe!

Here on ePermitTest.com, our main priority is making high-quality learning tools available to all prospective school bus drivers around the state. Consequently, we will never charge you for using this New Jersey school bus endorsement practice test. We recommend that you access the quiz as many times as possible prior to sitting the NJ driver license test, while also studying the S endorsement section of the permit book. Working with these two reliable resources side-by-side will leave you in the best position to score a passing grade on the New Jersey school bus test first time.

So, what kind of CDL school bus test questions and answers for New Jersey students can you expect to encounter on this 2020 DMV practice test and the DMV exam? Topics featured on the school bus permit test include anti-lock braking, pre and post-trip school bus inspection, understanding danger zones around the vehicle where children may not be visible from the driver’s seat, correct use of mirrors and many other key safety-related issues. Detailed explanations of these subjects can be found in the permit test study guide – remember that you will need to read this material thoroughly at least once. Our NJ CDL practice test will present you with authentic permit test questions targeting this information, which will reinforce and enhance your understanding of the material.

The New Jersey driver’s license test for school bus permit applicants does not contain general knowledge material, as all students must sit and pass the DMV general knowledge test separately. This task is made much easier with a little help from our CDL general knowledge practice test for NJ applicants. Most regular school buses fit into the Class B vehicle category, which means you will also need to demonstrate your understanding of the Air Brake system this weight-class uses, by sitting the Air Brake endorsement permit test. It is recommended you do this prior to sitting the School Bus exam, using our CDL New Jersey practice test Air Brakes quiz to guide your preparation. Have fun!