Commercial driving students often wonder where they can find a reliable resource which contains all the information they need to learn for the New Jersey DMV permit test. It’s actually pretty obvious, once you know the answer! Not only does the Department of Motor Vehicles design every exam associated with the commercial drivers license, they also produce a comprehensive NJ driver’s manual to guide students through the test-preparation process. The New Jersey driver manual for CDL students is superior to every other study guide out there, simply because it is compiled by the DMV. Unlike other less reputable study aids, there is never any chance that the material in the official NJ driving manual for 2021 will be inaccurate or outdated. Why would you take the chance on an unofficial book when your time, money and license are on the line?

Most people would expect there to be a cost involved in obtaining a New Jersey permit test study guide of this caliber – but there isn’t! The only thing you’ll need to part with is a moment or two of your time, while you go over to the DMV website and download a free PDF copy of the CDL drivers manual. In just a few minutes, you could be browsing through the NJ driving book on your smart phone, laptop or tablet, getting your first look at the topics which will feature on your 2021 DMV test! Be careful to select the New Jersey driving manual for commercial driving students, as there is also a version for regular and motorcycle drivers. Luckily you will not have to worry about finding a CDL driver license manual for the city you live in, as the commercial driving exams follow as standard format whether you take the test in Newark, Trenton, Jersey City or Princeton.

Whether you’re a new driving student who is preparing for the CDL general knowledge NJ permit test, or a more experienced student who is looking to sit an endorsement exam, you will quickly find what you’re looking for in the New Jersey driver’s manual. You can identify material required for the general knowledge NJ DMV written test by asking yourself this question: does this topic apply to all commercial drivers? If the answer is yes, you bet you’ll need to learn it for the exam. There will be 50 multiple-choice questions on the general knowledge permit test in New Jersey, covering everything from basic vehicle control to road signs and rules of the road.

HazMat, Combination Vehicles, Double-Triple Trailer, Passenger and the other endorsement qualifications all have their own dedicated chapters in the CDL drivers manual for New Jersey. When you know which endorsement exam you wish you take, you can by-pass everything else in the NJ DMV handbook and move straight to that section. Be mindful not to do this if you’re still working toward the New Jersey DMV test for general knowledge – save the endorsement material for later when you’re certain what you will need.

You can take your DMV NJ permit test preparation to the next level by using a DMV practice permit test quiz from our website, to challenge yourself with some genuine DMV test questions. This is a great way to make sure you’re taking on-board what you’re reading in your NJ driver manual for 2021 and understanding it properly. A DMV permit practice test for New Jersey can also provide you with a welcome break when you’re tired of reading the study guide. All our quizzes are totally free, so you can use them as many times as you like until you’re totally happy with your grade!

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