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A topic so frequently overlooked by students preparing for the Arizona permit test - traffic signals.  It's understandable - everyone knows traffic lights, what is there to learn?  Well, turns out that the DMV wants you to go well beyond the basics and there are quite a few advanced permit test questions that won't ask you to decipher these basic traffic lights.  This is what our 2020 Arizona traffic signals practice test is for - to teach you everything there is to know about traffic lights and make sure you can answer any permit test question the AZ DMV can throw at you!

Our AZ practice permit test on traffic signals features 20 multiple choice questions with great images.  All questions display correct answers immediately after you make your selection, so even if you misstep, you can learn the right answer right away and never make the same mistake again!  You can even write out those troublesome questions and revisit corresponding chapters of the drivers manual, to get a complete overview of the topic!

All questions on the sample exam are specific to the state of Arizona, we don't want you wasting time on something that does not work so we took our time going through the drivers handbook, verifying all answers and selecting only those that matter! The test is good to be taken all across the state - Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler and Tucson - we got you covered! Don't worry if your state is not listed, as we already said, this traffic signals quiz is good all across Arizona! 

Did we mention that this practice test is free? That's right, a completely free AZ practice permit test on traffic lights for you to take! The only thing we ask in return is that you spread the word and share the exam through social networks!  Good luck at the DMV!