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Those of you who thought about winging the Arizona permit test better think again.  According to the MVD, more than half of all first-time test takers fail the exam and you can count on most of these people not opening the AZ drivers manual even once.  We tend to overestimate our skills when it comes to the state driving rules and road signs and pay dearly for this delusion.  What are the reasons that lead so many students to visit the drivers license office without preparing for the permit test?   Some of the excuses we hear most often are "I don't have time to study for the Arizona MVD test", "Permit test questions are common sense" and "Learning materials cost too much".  None of the these are, of course, valid, just like the whole premise of the exam being extremely easy.   First, you don't have to pay a single cent to prepare for your learners exam, you can find all study materials online, offered at no cost whatsoever!  You have sample quizzes, like this AZ DMV practice test.  You have various study sheets and permit test cheat sheets (we have an awesome AZ permit test cheat sheet right here on the site!), with hundreds of real-life MVD test questions.  Finally, you have the permit test study guide that is offered by the DMV itself!  These things contain more than enough information to allow you to pass the written test the first time, so you don't have to visit the DMV repeatedly!

Those worried about the time it takes to prepare - don't. Various options are available, you don't have to go for a full-scale drivers education class and spend hours in the classroom to pass the exam.  Take this free Arizona DMV practice test, for example.  Completing the practice permit test once takes just under 5 minutes and you don't even have to schedule a study session for it!  Whenever you have a moment, sign into the website and take one practice permit test AZ quiz!  Do this as often as possible and these five minute sessions will add up to a great result!

Don't believe that you need to study because you've already picked up some basics from your family and friends?  The problem is that the DMV will expect you to go well beyond the basics.  BAC regulations, teen driving restrictions (even if you are not a teen, you will still need to learn them), seat belt regulations, fines and penalties, defensive driving tactics - these are the things you don't usually pick up from your friends, but they will be on the test and these are the kind of AZ permit test questions that get you failed.  Every online DMV practice test AZ on this website contains couple of questions to cover these topics, so do yourself a favor and spend 5 minutes learning the things you'll need to pass the exam!  And for crying out loud, don't ever listen to people who tell you that the official Arizona permit book is useless and you don't need to read it if you just work on an Arizona DMV practice test!  While you are certainly not expected to memorize every page of that book, there isn't (and probably won't be for quite a while yet)  a better FREE permit test study guide out there!  It's name speaks for itself!  The MVD specifically tells you that the entire DMV permit test is based on this book, why would you choose to ignore that?  Make sure you download the book and read it before you start working on this DMV permit practice test for Arizona, or at least keep it on your computer for reference!

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