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Great learners permit practice tests just keep coming and coming!  Here is another one, an all-new Arizona DMV permit test cheat sheet 2019!  Drivers permit test questions to help you pass the DMV test the first time you take it!  Forget about downloading a DMV cheat sheet to your cell phone and trying to cheat at your local DMV office - with this free Arizona DMV practice test, you won't have to cheat!  Passing the DMV permit test only takes 10-15 minutes of preparation a day! Start working on it right now!

This online Arizona MVD practice test contains 30 multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs.  Don't let the number fool you, even though the practice quiz presents you with only 30 questions when you begin the exam, these questions will change every time you restart the test.  With a knowledge base that contains over 500 questions to date and new DMV test questions being added every month, you will never grow tired of having to do the same questions over and over again!  This approach has a small drawback: when you miss a question, you can't simply repeat the DMV quiz and make sure you get it right this time.  If you prefer AZ practice permit tests that have fixed questions, just choose one of the regular practice tests!

A great variety of sample DMV permit test questions is not the only advantage of this free Arizona DMV cheat sheet!  To keep things as close to the original DMV exam as possible, we even adopted the same test format!  This means you need to answer at least 24 questions correctly to pass.  Bare in mind that 24 correct answers will JUST pass you and you are walking a very fine line here.  For any AZ DMV practice permit test, it is our recommendation that you work on the exam until you can score no less than 90% every time you take it, leaving yourself some fall-back space.  In case of the DMV permit test cheat sheet, it means answering no less than 27 permit test questions correctly every time.  And yes, when we say "every time", we mean that we want you to take the practice quiz more than once!

Those with a keen eye might have already noticed that all this sounds very much like the Arizona practice permit test simulator we have on the website!  Good call!  This free DMV cheat sheet is very similar to the Simulator, with one crucial difference - it has study aids! When you are unable to answer a question, you can request for help from the cheat sheet, either in the form of helpful hints or by reducing the number of possible answers from four to two.  The 2019 AZ permit test simulator won't give you this liberty, it was built to recreate the real test in its entirety and that means no cheating of any kind. 

What about those websites that offer you to buy a printable cheat sheet or download an Arizona DMV cheat sheet straight to your cell phone, is it worth it?  In our opinion, it's a complete waste of money.  Chances are that you will not be able to use your phone at the DMV during the test (yes, they don't let you do that) and hiding a print out with permit test answers is not an easy job either.  Another thing to consider is how accurate these DMV permit test cheat sheets really are.  The DMV uses a large number of different permit test papers, are you sure you purchased the one you'll get at the office?  Even if you bought all of them, do you think you'll have enough time to find the right answers in those cheat sheets during the test?  Probably not.  So do yourself a favor, read the drivers handbook and invest 10-15 minutes a day into taking free practice permit tests and studying with the help of this online Arizona DMV cheat sheet 2019!