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Done with the first practice test already?  Looks like you are on the roll!  Don't stop now, continue the winning streak with this all-new Arizona permit practice test (AZ) 2020!  Twenty new permit test questions on traffic signals, seat belt laws, driving distractions, sharing the road and road signs! Study aids to carry you over any dubious question!  Unlimited chances to pass!  FREE, just like any other online practice permit test on the website!  What are you waiting for, dive right in and start hammering away at those questions!

There is really no such thing as "too many sample practice permit tests". Seriously, there is not.  Some people stop after taking a single Arizona permit practice test, as long as they are happy with the score, and they believe they are fully prepared for the real deal.  Don't make the same mistake!  The real permit test contains hundreds of different questions, doing well on a single practice quiz does not guarantee you a pass at the DMV.  Your goal is to take as many different practice exams and cover every permit test question you can find online!  Yes, it may take a while, but think about the time you will have to waste on multiple DMV visits should you not pass on your first try.  Suddenly spending an extra hour on taking free practice permit exams does not seem that bad, does it?  Besides, who says you have to do it all in one day?  Just break your study sessions over the course of two weeks and study 10-15 minutes every day, this won't tax your schedule much and still provide you with sound knowledge of driving rules and road signs!

Want to know a bit more about this Arizona learners permit practice test?  It features 20 multiple choice questions that cover a wide scope of driving rules and road signs.  This practice exam has fixed questions, meaning that they will not change when you take the quiz multiple times.  Sure, the order of these questions will rotate, the system randomizes them just to keep you interested, but they still cover the same rules!  Use this to your advantage and work through the practice permit test until you can answer virtually every question!  It's a bit more than the real Arizona permit test requires of you, but better be safe than sorry!  Remember, the only thing this practice exam cost you is your time!

If you are looking for some extra study materials, check out the official Arizona permit test book!  It's free, the real permit test is based on the information in the manual, why dismiss it?  Some people feel overwhelmed by the book, they don't know what's important and what chapters can be omitted.  Let our online Arizona permit practice test take care of that for you! Just keep the book by your hand while you are working on the practice exam and research any difficult questions with the help of the book!  Very soon you'll start noticing that, while searching for answers, you are picking up a lot of other information that will come in handy at the DMV! 

We know you are enjoying this AZ drivers permit practice test, so share it with friends and good luck at your local DMV office!  Let us know how it goes!