Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Road signs have always comprised a large portion of the permit test in any state and Alabama is no exception to the rule!  To help you pass the permit test the first time, we have created this great Alabama road signs practice test that covers road signs that may appear on your permit exam!  The practice permit test is loaded with great pictures of road signs and it only takes around five minutes to complete the exam! Good for beginners and those who already read the the Alabama permit book, this road signs practice permit test will work for everyone!

This free Alabama practice permit test contains twenty multiple choice questions, it is graded the same way the real AL permit test is and this means you will need to answer at least sixteen of these questions correctly if you want to pass!  Don't worry if you don't pass the first time, though, the test can be retaken multiple times until you are perfectly satisfied with your score! Every time you answer a question, the system will tell you whether you are right or wrong, so you can learn as you go through the exam, you don't have to finish the whole test to see your results! Having said that, it does not mean that you should stop the test as soon as you see that your have already failed too many questions to pass on this attempt! Remember, this is a practice test and it is here to help you learn!  Making mistakes is part of the learning process, so don't close this Alabama practice permit test whenever things don't turn out your way!  Continue studying and finish the entire practice test, then repeat it again!  Keep repeating the practice permit test until you can answer at least 18 questions correctly and if you want to go for the perfect score - well, who are we to stop you?  Once you are satisfied with your grades, move on to the next Alabama practice permit test you see on the screen and use the same approach.  Rinse and repeat, that's your key to success!

One final thing, in case you haven't figured this out on your own yet.  Just like any other sample exam on ePermitTest.com, this 2019 Alabama road signs permit practice test is completely free and you are more than welcome to spread the word about the test among all of your friends who may be taking their Alabama DMV permit test soon.  Spread the word  on Facebook and Twitter and help others nail their DMV written test too!  Good luck!