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We know how many people choose to wing the permit test, who visit the DMV office without taking a single moment to read the permit test study guide or taking an Alabama practice permit test at least once, and we want to warn you against making this mistake right now!  Trust our experience, winging the Alabama permit test simply does not work!  You may have heard about people who did it and have passed, you may even have a friend who have managed to slip through the cracks, but statistics provided by the DMV show us the big picture and that picture isn't quite as comforting.  According to official stats, more than a half of drivers license applicants who take the DMV permit test for the first time in their lives fail.  And this actually includes people who DO study before their go into the office, which means that failure rates among those who don't study are even higher.  While you may not think that having to retake the learners permit test is that big of a deal, it does involve a considerable time investment on your side.  Just think about the time it takes you to get to the DMV office, the time wasted standing in the DMV lines and the money you'll have to pay for being retested if you end up failing the exam more than a few times.  There is a very simple thought you need to accept right now - sooner or later, you will have to study for your learners permit test and the sooner you start, the more time you save!  Start studying today with this free Alabama practice permit test!  And if you think you don't have enough time to study, just listen to this!  Our practice permit tests have been developed with a busy schedule in mind and they can fit anyone's daily routine, no matter how hectic it is!  You don't have to dedicate hours to sitting in front of the computer, going through hundreds of permit test study sheets and reading countless drivers handbooks - completing our 2020 Alabama practice permit test takes under 5 minutes! You don't even need a computer to do it, you can take the test with you wherever you go!  Dedicate five minutes of your time to studying this permit practice test whenever you have a moment to spare and see those sessions add up to an amazing result! Lunch breaks, TV commercials, even the time you spend in bed, trying to go to sleep - every little moment counts, so grab your iPhone, log into the website and complete a quiz or two whenever you can!  And by the way, if you've got the time to complete a full length practice permit test that matches the real permit exam, check out the Alabama learners permit test Simulator, our ultimate self-assessment tool!

All 20 questions on this 2020 Alabama practice permit test are multiple choice, every question has no more than four answers.  Remember that only one answer is right and don't try to choose a few options at once, the system will not allow you to do that and will always accept the first answer you click upon as your choice.    We know that some of the questions do make it seem as if more than one answer fits, this is the wording you will have to deal with during the real permit test too, so get used to analyzing every question thoroughly before choosing the best answer.  The driver practice permit test will always let you know whether you have made the right choice and when you make a mistake, the system shows the right answer so you can learn while the question is still in front of your eyes.  It gets better yet!  To help you imprint that question into your mind and ensure that the answer really sticks, our Alabama state practice permit test will provide you with a detailed explanation for every driving rule you miss.  Now, you may be tempted to skip reading them to reduce the amount of time you spend on the exam.  Try and fight this temptation as much as possible, as these explanations are extremely useful.  Being able to memorize the rules faster means you'll have to spend less time on retaking the exam over and over again!

Use your overall grade to determine if you need to repeat the permit practice test again or if it's time for you to move on to the next quiz.   While you could certainly work on the exam until you cover each and every question, we believe that achieving a grade of 90% or higher on the pretest is a sufficient achievement that qualifies you to go on to the next stage.  A point to note: you must be able to achieve this score without having to use any of the integrated study aids within this Alabama practice permit test.  If you've been using the study aids extensively, make sure to complete the exam once without having to rely on them.   Once you are happy with your results, leave this free Alabama practice permit test 2020 and move on to the next pretest in the lineup!