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Want to take a deeper dive into traffic signals and go beyond the basic "green, yellow, red"?  You are in luck!  Our 2019 Wisconsin traffic signals quiz was designed to prepare you for any tricky question about traffic lights the DMV may throw at you during the permit test!  What to do when the traffic light is not working?  Why is the red signal flashing?  What signals require you to stop before crossing railroad tracks?  Our Wisconsin traffic lights practice test will teach you all of these things and it only takes a few minutes to complete!

With just twenty multiple choice questions, this Wisconsin traffic signals test can be taken within minutes and you will see your results right away!  Don't let the small size of the test fool you, though - permit test questions are selected randomly from a large knowledge base every time you take the exam, it's like taking a completely new test every time!  Make sure you take advantage of this and take the practice test as many times as you need until you are satisfied with your score!

Worried if the test you are taking is really what you need to be studying?  Don't be.  We have already done the leg work for you, went through the driver's manual and selected only those topics that will appear on your WI permit test.  Our state-specific Wisconsin traffic signals practice permit test was designed for those who don't have much time to study yet want to do their best at the DMV. 

We know you probably noticed this already but let us say this one more time - our practice tests are free and we do not charge anything for them!  Keep your money, you will need it at the DMV!  The only currency we accept is love and appreciation!  Spread the love, share the test with friends on Facebook and Twitter!