Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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The first step is the hardest of all - this proverb applies to absolutely every part of your life, including the DMV permit test you must take before being allowed behind the wheel.  Once you've started doing something, gained your momentum - things run much easier from that point on.  We want to help you make that first step and so we have created an easy exam to help you get the ball rolling, without feeling overwhelmed by the task.  Having said this, we don't believe you should skip the test even if you consider yourself to be already past the first stage of preparation - there is always something new to learn and you lose nothing by spending five minutes on this exam.  If you are able to answer all sample questions on this free Wisconsin permit practice test correctly, simply move on to the next exam you see on the page (practice tests get progressively harder as you move up the list).  Those who did not do as well as they have expected - give the test another try and watch your grades rise right in front of your eyes!

True to the format you'll come to love, this 2019 Wisconsin practice permit test is built around 20 DMV permit test questions.  All questions are multiple choice, with four options provided for every question and only one of these answers being correct.  Here is the first tip that can save you from making a large number of silly mistakes while you're taking this permit practice test and, eventually, the real DMV temps test - do not rush while taking the exam.  Some students are so worried by the amount of time they have to complete the temps test that they hurry from one question to another, without taking a moment to consider all of the provided answers, sometimes not even reading them all, as long as the first answer they see "kinda fits".  This is one of the worst things you can do and a sure way to significantly reduce your grade.  Forget about the time, you've got plenty of it and can take up to an hour to complete the real permit test.  This practice permit test WI quiz is not even timed, so slow down and get into the habit of reading all answers before picking the best one.  You may even want to read those answers twice when posed with a difficult question, remember that you're in charge and don't let yourself be rushed!  You will know whether you have answered a question correctly the instant you click on one of the provided choices and don't jump straight to the next question when you make a mistake - read the correct answer and a detailed explanation for that answer before you move on.  This Wisconsin practice permit test is a study tool that will help you learn and in order to learn, you must absorb as much information as possible!  Once you're done with the entire quiz, you will be provided with yet another chance to review your answers for any question you happen to miss - use this opportunity and then repeat the exam to let that knowledge sink in.

If you are looking for additional study materials (and you definitely should be doing that), there is no better permit test study guide than the official 2019 Wisconsin drivers ed handbook that is published and distributed by the DMV.  The entire Wisconsin temps test is based entirely on the information you can find in the manual - can you really think of better advertisement for a permit test study guide?  Reading the book increases your chances of passing the real exam by a factor of two and there is an easy way to prove that, without having to actually go into the DMV office.  Read the book and then take this free Wisconsin permit practice test (WI) 2019, or any other sample temps quiz on the website, for that matter and compare it to your initial score.  If you are anything like most of our students, your grades have just taken a huge leap and the book is to thank for that! 

Enjoy your practice permit test and don't hesitate to comment if you have questions or want to clarify something about the knowledge test!  Good luck at the DMV!