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Let's get something clear from the very start - we do not, nor will we ever condone cheating on your Wisconsin permit test! In fact, we believe that ensuring that you can successfully cheat on the DMV permit test takes significantly more time than preparing for this very same exam!  Our Wisconsin DMV temps test cheat sheet is a comprehensive study aid that will help you prepare for the knowledge test, so don't try try and abuse it!  Now that we have this out of the way, let us welcome you to this free Wisconsin DMV permit test cheat sheet 2019!  

The reason why more than a few students choose to cheat on the temps test is quite simple - they believe that preparing for the exam takes too much time and that they will save themselves hours by cheating.  Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for everyone they will be sharing the road with), this is far from being true.  Do you honestly believe that a pdf file with a DMV cheat sheet you download to your smartphone will allow you to pass the permit test?  You are very naive if you believe that this is all it takes.  Just think about it.  First, you have to locate a DMV cheat sheet that reflects the current test.  Most of those online temps test cheat sheets will feature outdated questions from past exams.  Second, you will definitely need more than one cheat sheet.  The DMV uses a number of different test papers to keep things interesting and you will need to get your hands on all of them.  Prepare to cough up at least a few bucks for each one of them, as good Wisconsin temps test cheat sheets rarely come free.  Finally, just try and imagine how you are going to use these cheat sheets during the test.  Keep in mind, the drivers permit test is not an open book exam and the clerks at the DMV won't just look the other way if they see you peeking at your cell phone or a print out you so smartly stashed into your sleeve (yes, the clerks know these ninja tactics that are being attempted by teen applicants).  What happens when you get caught?  The test is failed, you are being escorted out of the office in shame. In some cases, they won't let you retest for quite a while and you will be watched very closely when you show up at the office for your next appointment.   Now tell us, how does this whole ordeal look easier than spending 10-15 minutes a day on preparing for the temps permit test and passing it on your first visit?

Passing the Wisconsin permit test is a no-brainer, all you need is a little bit of time, a drivers handbook and a variety of free DMV practice tests, all of which you have right here in front of you.   This permit test cheat sheet is really a massive Wisconsin DMV practice test, a practice test that has been built to the likeness of the real exam, a practice test that features hundreds of sample questions on road rules and road signs, a practice test that presents you with a unique sample quiz every time you access the page!  That's right, you have not misread this!  This WI DMV practice test is connected to the knowledge base of over 500 sample questions, every time you begin the exam, the practice quiz randomly chooses 50 of those questions and custom-builds a new cheat sheet just for you!  This means that you could really get by with just this single DMV practice test (although we strongly recommend against that, since every practice permit test on the website holds its own value).

Those who already had a chance to check out other WI practice permit tests on the site may be wondering how is the DMV cheat sheet different from the permit test Simulator, a practice test that has the same structure and uses the same knowledge base of Wisconsin permit test questions and answers.  Well, it's all about the study aids, or "DMV cheats", as we prefer to call them!  The simulator was designed to show you what the real test is like and, unlike the DMV cheat sheet, it will not offer any assistance with questions you can't answer off the top of your head.  The WI DMV cheat sheet is a completely different story and you can use hints and the 50/50 option whenever you get stuck!  Hints will provide you with additional details about the question, hopefully guiding you towards the right answer.  The 50/50 button is much more blatant and indiscriminate, a weapon of mass destruction - as soon as you click on it, it eliminates two incorrect answers on the screen, leaving you to choose between the remaining two option and significantly improving your chances of choosing the right answer even if you are just guessing!

Enjoy this free Wisconsin DMV cheat sheet for the 2019 temps test and don't forget to check out other practice quizzes we have built for you!