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Traffic signals is one of the most overlooked topics that come up on the Washington permit test.  It's understandable - everyone knows traffic signals: green means go, red means stop.  The problem is that the DOL expects you to go beyond the basics and learn how to handle virtually any traffic signal you may encounter.  Yellow arrows, flashing red, flashing yellow, turning right or left on red... You will have to demonstrate the knowledge of all these things.  That's where our 2019 Washington DOL practice test on traffic signals steps in!

Our practice permit test features 20 multiple choice questions that cover traffic lights and railroad signals.  All of the driving test questions are state-specific and are based on the official Washington drivers manual, so you can be sure you are studying exactly what you need to pass the real drivers license test! All answers are shown immediately, so you can learn quicker!

Here is the best part - this WA DOL practice test on traffic lights is completely free!  That's right, absolutely free, today, tomorrow, forever!  This means you can take it as many times as you need to work your score up the level and come to the DMV prepared!  Spread the love, share the test through Facebook and Twitter!