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You know what they say - the first step is always the hardest.  This proverb applies to virtually every part of our lives and studying for the WA permit test is no exception.  In fact, thousands of individuals around us struggle with making this step so much that they end up going into the DOL office completely unprepared, without as much as opening the drivers manual or taking a single Washington DOL practice test.   Needless to say, the result of this failure to study is devastating - more than 50% of first-time drivers permit applicants fail the DMV written test the first time they take it.  This free WA DOL practice test was designed to provide you with support when you need it most and help you get started on learning the state road signs and traffic laws.  The practice test is extremely easy, as it was built primarily for beginners.  However, this does not mean that someone with a little more experience should avoid taking it - go ahead and complete this WA state DMV practice test no matter what your current skill level is, there's always something new to learn for everyone!  If you find these DOL questions too easy and answer more than 18 of them correctly the first time you take the sample quiz, simply move on to the next practice test you see on the page!

This 2019 practice permit test consists of 20 sample questions (remember, this is an express DOL practice test, 25 questions is what you will have to deal with during the real exam) that cover a broad span of Washington state driving laws and road signs.    Highway driving, dealing with traffic congestion, defensive driving tactics, negotiating intersections and sharp curves, accident prevention and parking regulations - this DMV practice test is really as balanced as possible.  Every question on the exam will present you with four answers, only one of those answers is correct.  We strongly recommend that you forget about the clock while working on the practice test and take a moment to work your way through each and every question, get into the habit of pacing yourself and not rushing through the exam.  Read all of the provided answers before you indicate your choice, this will save you from making a lot of silly mistakes during the real Washington state permit test.  You will know whether you have picked the right answer the instant you click on one of the options, the test is graded on the fly and you don't have to finish the entire exam just to find out what questions you have missed.  Whenever you make a mistake, your free DOL Washington practice test will stop the exam, display the correct answer to you and provide you with a detailed explanation for that answer.  You may be tempted to save yourself some time by skipping these explanations and going straight to the next question - try and fight this temptation as much as you can, as you are likely to get the opposite outcome and waste even more time in the process.  Reading these justifications helps you to anchor the answer in your mind, so you memorize it faster and remember it for longer, meaning that you don't have to keep on repeating the quiz over and over again. 

Once done with all 20 sample questions, take a moment to review those you have missed and reflect on them once again.  If you have managed to answer at least 18 sample questions correctly, without having to use any study aids in the process, we recommend that you stop working on this Washington DOL practice test 2019 and move on to the next sample exam you see on the site (of course, if you believe yourself to be an overachiever, don't stop until you get the perfect score!).  Once you go through the entire line up, do the final self-assessment with the help of the Simulator, a DOL practice test that is structured just like the real permit test: 25 questions on signs and rules, new questions every time, score no less than 80% to pass! 

Those who have just landed here and have not done any permit test preparation previously are recommended to start by reading the official Washington DOL drivers manual, the same book the DMV uses to chart up real permit test questions.  The book is a little dull, we'll give you that, but it really is the best permit test study guide you will ever find, the fact that the entire knowledge exam is based exclusively on the information you find in the manual automatically places the booklet into the top list of permit test resources to have!  Don't make the mistake of ignoring it, give it a try before you start working on this free Washington DOL practice test (WA) 2019!  Good luck at the office, don't forget to let us know how it went!