Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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When it comes to studying for the Washington state permit test, there are two biggest mistakes you can make.  Number one - start the afternoon before the DOL appointment, do an all-nighter, go into the office in the morning and attempt to pass the exam while fighting for control over your closing eyelids at the same time.  You're tired, it's hard to focus, you're having trouble remembering your own name and getting back to your comfy bad is your primary concern now.  Obviously, this approach rarely works and you usually end up having to go home empty-handed. 

Diving into the world of driving rules and road signs head first and working yourself to death is another thing you could do if you wanted to reduce your chances of passing the exam.  Those who practice this approach and opt into taking huge sample quizzes with hundreds of WA driving test practice questions quickly get overwhelmed by the sheer number of laws and regulations they have to learn, so they give up, close the book and go into the DOL office hoping that the real Washington 25 questions permit test will be easier than those exams they have just taken.  Alas, this group of students doesn't do any better than the first one, they still fail the exam and have to retake it again some time later.

They key to passing the learners permit test is to start studying early and to take it in small steps, baby-steps, in fact.  Starting early is a great thing: you feel less stressed, you can take a break and skip a day if you feel like today is not a good day to study, and you only need to learn a small portion of the Washington state traffic law whenever you study.  These small, manageable study sessions mean that you will not feel overwhelmed by the task and you will continue studying until you've covered everything.  This is the reason why we don't have much faith in huge DOL practice tests with hundreds of questions in them - while they may seem like a more advanced option and appear to include everything you need to pass the drivers permit test, you are very unlikely to learn much from them. 

Your Washington driving practice test consists of 20 questions on WA road signs and traffic rules that are likely to appear on the DOL exam.  All questions are multiple choice, every question has four possible answers.  Remember that only one of these answers is correct, even if the exam may make it seem otherwise sometimes.  Whenever presented with a question that has a few answers that seem similar, take a moment to consider all of the presented options and choose the one that provides the most detailed and thorough answer to the question.  Don't rush with choosing the first option that seems right, there is not much learning value in that.  This  free Washington state DOL practice test is not timed and you can take as long as you need to work out what the best answer is.  Furthermore, don't beat yourself up if you make a mistake - they are part of the process, the goal is to learn from them and not make the same mistake when you are taking the real DMV written test at the local office!  Your practice driving test will alert you to any mistake you make the instant it takes place and provide you with more details about the question so you do not have to get distracted and start searching for this information in the drivers handbook. 

Since we have mentioned the drivers manual, we wanted to say a few more words about it.  We know that most students choose to ignore the official Washington drivers handbook, for it's not the most exciting book in the world and, let's be honest, it is a little outdated.  Having said that, we still believe that there is no better free WA drivers permit test study guide available out there!  No free study resource comes close to the book, the nearest thing to the drivers manual is a professional drivers education class and you can expect to cough up a few hundred bucks for that.  Don't ignore the book just because it's free, make sure to read it before you start working on this 2019 Washington driver practice test!

If you are having doubts on how to interpret your results for this free Washington driving practice test (WA) 2019, we suggest that you don't proceed to the next exam until you are able to answer at least 18 questions correctly each and every time, without having to call upon help from the integrated study aids.  This grade is a little higher than the one you are required to obtain at the DOL office and will ensure that you can pass the real test without a hitch. Good luck!