Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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What does it take to pass the Washington DMV permit test in 2019?  To be honest, not that much!  A little bit of free time, a will to study and the right study tools, such as this free Washington DOL permit test cheat sheet!  There are always two sides to the technology and you can use it for good cause or for bad cause.  We hope that you will make the right choice and use our 2019 WA DMV cheat sheet only to prepare for the real learners permit test and not to try and pull the number on the DMV!

The primary reason why people choose to cheat on the DMV permit test is quite simple - they want to save time and avoid studying.  What many students don't realize is that in most cases, "preparing to cheat" on the WA permit test takes more time than preparing for the test itself.  Most of us are able to learn the rules of the road and road signs necessary to pass the drivers permit test within couple of days.  We are talking 20-30 minutes of studying here.  How long will it take you to find the right DMV cheat sheet?  Well, you have to spend hours on browsing hundreds of different websites that offer cheat sheets to determine which ones are good and which ones are bad.  You will need to read reviews by other students who have already gone through the knowledge test to see if there is a particular DOL cheat sheet that helped them.  If if you want to find a free Washington DOL permit test cheat sheet, add even more time on top of that.  You already wasted hours of your time and you're not even at the DMV yet!  Once you find the right website, you download the WA DMV cheat sheet to your cell phone or print it out.  So far so good.  But how will you manage to find the right questions in this cheat sheet at your local DOL office?  You don't think you will be allowed to freely browse the phone during the permit test, do you?  If you are caught trying to peek an answer off your smartphone or a print out, you are failed immediately!  Think about the shame of being escorted from the office as you will have to deal with that too!

This is why the DMV cheat sheet for the 2019 Washington state permit test we have prepared for you is nothing like that!  Our free DOL cheat sheet is really an extensive practice permit test with hundreds of sample permit test question on road rules and road signs.  We are not kidding when we say that the test is massive - the knowledge base we have accumulated to this date incorporates over 500 questions and we keep developing new ones all the time! 

Our WA DOL permit test cheat sheet was designed to follow the same format the real permit test does, it presents you with 40 multiple choice questions on rules and signs every time you begin the exam. Just like with the real DMV permit test, you need to score no less than 80% to pass, this means answering at least 32 questions correctly.  Don't jump up and down in joy if you managed to score this high the first time you took it and make sure to retake the exam.  Don't get us wrong, this is a good achievement, but those were just your first 25 sample questions!  Since questions for the DMV cheat sheet are drawn from the knowledge base randomly, you will get a completely new and unique set of questions and answers next time you take the quiz!  We recommend that you don't stop working on this practice permit test until you can score 90% or higher each and every time you take it!

By now, some of you may be wondering what makes this cheat sheet for the WA DOL test different from the permit test simulator that follows the same format and draws upon the same knowledge base of questions?  Well, it's the study aids, or "cheats", as we prefer to call them!  The DMV cheat sheet allows you to use these study aids whenever you encounter a particularly hard question, they will help you decipher the right answer and learn something new in the process!  So go ahead and cheat as much as you want on this test (a phrase you thought you'd never get to hear)!