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Those who choose to ignore the signs usually have two excuses: traffic signs are common knowledge and there are not that many questions on road signs on the Washington learners permit test anyway.  Both of these statements are delusions that have nothing to do with reality.  Washington state traffic signs is an extremely important part of the drivers permit test and can contribute up to a third of all questions to your DOL knowledge test.  A third of all questions!  This makes it THE MOST important topic on the exam, yet so many first time learners permit applicants choose to dedicate all of their time to learning blood alcohol limits or traffic penalties instead - two important topics, no doubt, but they won't contribute more than one or two questions to your DOL permit test.  It's understandable why most students believe that Washington road sings are "easy" and don't warrant any additional time investment - they are a huge part of our lives, we see them every day, no matter where we go and we grow comfortable in the belief that we already know everything there is to know about them.  Reality usually hits with a red "failed" sign on the screen of the DOL computer.  While you do know the basics, chances are that your proficiency is not up to the level expected by the state.  We urge you to take a little time and study traffic signs, it doesn't take long and you can get started right now with this free Washington road signs practice test!

This Washington state DOL practice test on road signs is structured similarly to other regular permit practice tests on the website and features 20 multiple choice questions.  The difference between regular exams and this sample test is that this quiz targets road signs and nothing but Washington road signs.  Many of the permit test question you see here will have an awesome image to help you identify the sign, some of the questions will only provide you with a shape or a textual description.  This is important and we wanted to draw your attention to this fact - you absolutely must learn to identify road signs by shape and color and know different groups of road signs.  Questions that assess your ability to tell the signs apart based on their shapes and colors are included into every Washington permit test paper, no exception!  Study this skill to avoid missing these questions, maximize the chances of passing the exam the first time!

We don't believe in DOL practice permit tests that make you complete the entire exam before showing where you went wrong - these sample quizzes make sense when you're trying to gauge your current skill, but they provide little learning value.   When you are out there studying new things, you want to receive feedback at all times and you want to make sure that when you make a mistake, you are being told about it right there and then!  This is exactly what this WA state road signs practice test does - it grades you as you go and always keeps you updated on your current progress!   When you make a mistake, the Washington DOL practice test always stops you, displays the correct answer and provides you with a detailed explanation for that answer so you don't have to start searching the book for this information and lose your focus!  Don't worry about the drivers manual at this point, just concentrate on answering these 20 questions correctly!  If you don't get it right the first time - no biggie!  The DOL practice test is completely free and you can keep on repeating it until you get the result you'll be happy with!

If you are looking for free Washington road sign study sheets to go with this WA DOL practice test, start with the drivers manual.  The DOL handbook has a complete list of traffic signs you need to know for the learners permit test and that list is printable!  Just download a pdf file with the book to your computer, print all of the corresponding pages and post them onto your wall!

Got a question about this free Washington DOL practice test (WA) 2019?  Post it into the comment box you see on the page and we'll be happy to help you with any question or concern you may have about your WA permit test!