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It's not even Christmas, but your Christmas present is here - a free Washington permit test practice (WA) Simulator 2019, with over five hundred sample questions for the DOL knowledge exam!  Hand signals, parking on hills, emergency vehicles and school buses, sharing the road with other drivers, defensive driving tactics, alcohol awareness and countless road signs - this is your final challenge, the last step before you ride off to your local DOL office! And hey, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete, what are you still waiting for?

The WA DMV permit test simulator was built to resemble the real 2019 Washington permit test as closely as possible.  It features sample questions that are highly similar or identical to the ones used by the DMV, the same number of questions and even an analogous grading system.  Grant you, we could not integrate a DMV clerk to stand over your shoulder during the exam into the system, everything else is exactly the same!

The Washington state permit test simulator will present you with 40 multiple choice questions every time you begin the exam.  Don't let this number fool you, though, we have prepared hundreds of sample WA drivers permit test questions and are just waiting to dump them all on you!  Every time you begin the exam, we randomly select 40 appropriate questions and build a unique practice permit test for you right there on the spot!  What does this mean to you?  A completely new and unique Washington permit practice test every time! With over 500 permit test questions and answers, you are unlikely to ever run out of materials to study!  But you know what they say, you can never be "too prepared" when it comes to the learners permit test!

How about the study aids you might have gotten used to while working on other practice permit tests on the website?  Sorry, no study aids this time.  The learners permit test is not an open book exam, you will not be allowed to use any outside materials, print outs, you won't be able to google for answers or ask the DMV clerks for help.  Yes, this means that the Washington drivers permit book is out too. We want you to get used to this idea right now and become comfortable with answering permit test questions without any assistance from others.  If you find that you are missing too many questions on the permit test simulator and would like to study a practice permit test with the same format that will allow study aids, simply switch to our free Washington state DMV permit test cheat sheet!  It uses the same knowledge base but will provide you with useful study aids throughout the quiz!  Once you grow more comfortable with these questions, come back and try yourself against the Washington practice permit test (WA) Simulator once again!

Remember, preparing for the drivers permit test is neither hard, nor boring, you can even make a game of it!  Enjoy this WA DOL practice test with 40 questions and share your results for the practice permit test with friends on social networks and see if they can beat you!