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When you are ready and old enough to begin learning to drive, use our Tennessee permit practice test to start getting up to speed with rules of the road, road signs and other important driver’s ed topics. These are the subjects that will be addressed during the driving test for TN applicants, which is conducted at various DOS offices around the state. New drivers must pass the Tennessee permit test with a grade of 80% or above, to qualify for the learner’s permit that will enable them to start supervised driving. We constructed the series of realistic DMV practice permit tests which are available here on ePermitTest.com, to help new learners prepare to pass the general knowledge drivers permit test. The beginner’s quiz which starts here is the perfect place to kick-start your learning journey.

The real TN drivers test features 30 multiple-choice and ‘true or false’ permit test questions, from which at least 24 correct DMV test answers must be provided for the participating applicant to achieve a learner’s permit. Our Tennessee practice permit test for 2020 applicants uses the same 80% pass requirement but contains just 20 questions in total. There are various other practice permit test TN quizzes here on ePermitTest.com which are the same length as the real driving test, but this quiz has been made shorter so that all students can easily finish it in roughly five minutes. Do not feel pressured to work through the Tennessee driving test questions and answers on this quiz too quickly, as your finish time will not affect your final grade. Plus, you are free to re-take the DMV TN practice permit test as many times as it takes to pass or even to achieve a perfect score.

This beginner’s Tennessee drivers license test presents a selection of DMV questions and answers which could appear during the driving test. As the real TN permit test is randomly generated, there is no guarantee you will receive any of these exact questions on the day. For this reason, it is important to work through all the DMV practice permit tests we provide and read the entire Tennessee drivers permit book, to gain as much experience with different driving test questions and answers as possible. Reading the permit book thoroughly is the key to success, as it contains all the information you may be questioned on during the DMV permit test.

While working on this entry-level DMV practice test, students have the option to ask for assistance with any of the TN drivers license test questions is presents. Clicking the ‘’hint’ study aid is a great option if you need more information, as it will automatically generate a clue about the correct permit test answers. If your issue is that there are too many possible DMV written test answers to choose from, click the ‘50/50’ button to eliminate 50% of the available options. Alternatively, you can work through the entire test without support to see how many questions you can answer correctly on your own. As there is no limit to the number of times you can use the free practice permit test for Tennessee learners, it does not matter how long it takes to achieve a passing grade. Plus, you will always get to see the correct permit test answers as the quiz corrects mistakes by highlighting the remaining answer which you should have chosen. Next time you face the same question, your chances of answering correctly will be much greater.