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Forget about practice quizzes that have you do the same bunch of questions over and over again - what could be more boring and useless?   Each one of our Tennessee permit practice tests features a unique set of sample questions and this exam is no exception, with 20 multiple choice questions on Tennessee road signs and traffic rules fresh from the oven!  The permit practice test is graded on the fly - as soon as you click on one of the answers, you know whether you have answered the question correctly!  If you didn't, we will always display the right answer for you, it will be marked in green and we will even provide a detailed explanation for that answer, so you don't have to waste any time on reading the Tennessee drivers license manual.  Although, we have to admit, we are being somewhat inaccurate when we are using the word "waste" - reading the drivers license study guide is definitely not a waste of your time and we recommend that you go over the book at least once before you start working on this Tennessee permit practice test.  The drivers manua provides an amazing overview of all driving rules that may come up on your exam and supplements this practice test nicely!  If you don't have the time to read the entire book, keep it by your side for reference anyway!  The comprehensive manual is completely free, you can download a PDF file to your computer and open it whenever you want to check out a question you have doubts about!

You cannot miss more than four questions on this practice permit test TN quiz to consider it a pass, however we recommend that you set the bar much higher and don't stop working on the exam until you can answer at least 18 permit test questions correctly.  We know this grade is a little higher than the DMV requires you to obtain, but we would hate to see you fail the real TN permit test by one question (happened more than once, true story) and spending an extra 5 minutes on raising your practice test grades a little can save you hours on repeat visits to the DMV office later down the line.  Play it safe, play it smart, cover as many different Tennessee written permit test questions as possible before you go in and chance your luck against the real thing! 

To help you learn faster, we have included a few study aids to grease the wheels and help you fight your way through difficult questions.  Whenever our 2019 Tennessee practice permit test throws a particularly hard question at you, opt in for a helpful hint!  Hints are great additional bits of information that help you unravel the question and find the answer without having to revert to just choosing a random option.  They are quite subtle, we'll give you that, but they do show you a way to follow.  You can follow up with a 50/50 button that will mask two incorrect answers from the screen - this option is extremely useful when you're trying to decide between two answers that are highly similar at first glance.  

Want to make things even more fun?  Complete the exam, post your grades to Facebook and challenge your friends to beat your score!  There is nothing like competition to make you study harder and you'll notice that you learn faster when you have a buddy to share the fun with!  Share this free Tennessee permit practice test (TN) 2019 with friends and help them pass the real DMV exam with you!