Start your journey to becoming a qualified driver by studying for the Tennessee DMV permit test. Passing this assessment will prove you have learned enough about rules of the road, road signs, pavement markings and alcohol awareness to start practicing your driving skills on public roadways. Every prospective driver in Tennessee must pass the 2024 DMV written test before they can start driving, regardless of their age. We have put together all the essential resources you will need to begin studying for the permit test, prepare for the road skills test and earn your unrestricted driver’s license. If you are from Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville or anywhere else in Tennessee, you will find those resources on this page, available free of charge.

All new drivers should complete a comprehensive driver’s education course during their training. Learning to drive may begin with the study of road rules and road signs for the permit test but it certainly does not end there. You will also need to learn about risks on different types of roadway, how to drive in hazardous conditions, traffic laws in different areas, how to scan for hazards and how to adjust your driving behavior to minimize the chances of a collision occurring. All these essential topics are explored during our free driver’s ed course for Tennessee learners. We recommend working through the drivers ed course in its entirety before climbing into the driver’s seat. It also contains some useful information that will help you get acquainted with the vehicle you will be driving, before you set off on your first trip! If you have yet to take the TN DOS permit test, you may wish to jump straight to the “Rules of the Road” and “Signs, Signals & Markings” modules of the driver’s education course, as most of the information you may need during the exam can be found there.

The DMV written test in Tennessee contains 30 multiple-choice questions, which are selected at random by computer when the test is activated. The number of questions dedicated to road rules and road signs varies quite a bit from paper to paper, so it is important to revise both topics thoroughly in the run up to the exam. Students are required to answer at least 24 permit test questions correctly to qualify for a learner’s permit. If you fail to hit this mark, you will be asked to return to the DMV center another day to repeat the test. Using a reliable and authentic DMV permit practice test prior to the real assessment is a great way to fine-tune your knowledge and avoid any frustrating delays. You will find several such Tennessee DMV practice tests here on, all of which have been built using questions from genuine permit test papers. Every quiz is free to use and will offer useful feedback on incorrectly answered questions following each round. This will help you to identify your weakest areas of knowledge so you can target them, next time you hit the books.

Once you have earned the right to begin learning to drive under supervision, you will need to start practicing core driving skills like reversing, making turns, parking, navigating intersections and driving through different environments. To practice effectively, we recommend using the step-by-step guides and helpful tips from our TN drivers education course. This material is designed to make sure you can perform essential maneuvers safely and while meeting the criteria necessary to pass the road skills test.

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